Seeking Mary Kay Info

Mary Kay Regime

Can someone (anyone!) with info on Mary Kay please let me know what the real deal is. I posted this photo of a rare sighting of a Mary Kay edition Cadillac SRX and had did some very small digging and found out (and perhaps wrongfully concluded) that Mary Kay was nothing more than a Pyramid Scheme. I had a comment from some Tyra H about how I "know nothing".

I have had one (1) first-hand account of how Mary Kay is not really a money-making tool but is a sticky spider-web trap (Pyramid Scheme). I would LOVE to hear more info first-hand on what it is and if it is indeed a trap as one person I know has already confirmed.


Antigone said...

I haven't done any actual research on the matter but I've been to MK parties, swear by MK's TimeWise face set that I use daily and have had several friends that sell it.

So basically, it IS a pyramid scheme. You work under somebody, try to get people to work under you, they get people to work under them, etc. You can make pretty good money if you have a large number of people buying from you directly and no people under you but the big money (and pink cars) come from getting girls to sell "under" you.

All that said, the thing that makes them work is that they sell FABULOUS products. Honestly, most women you talk to will know of MK and probably have great things to say about them. It's like a higher end Avon which also works the same way. They are also really active in supporting women's communities and different charities.

So yeah, it's a pyramid scheme but one that actually works!

Chris said...

Thank You. I am not trying to downplay their charitable work, (of which I was ignorant) but I dislike pyramid schemes. Thanks for clearing that up.

lsumtsac said...

It's a dual marketing system, not a pyramid. Everyone makes 50% commission, regardless of their level. Bonuses come from the company, not out of any individual's check.