Attack of the rednecks (Part 2) (Language warning)

If I didn't get enough laughter and side-splitting goodness from Wallandboy7777, I log in to flickr and look at the latest activity in my photostream. Now I have taken quite a lot of photos, some I even forgot about, and some that should probably be taken down. So what kind of comments would make me laugh so hard tonight?

Meet big_ford84. Now for me to just flat-out call someone a redneck is not very common. Well, lets just say I do it out of respect. Hell, even Wallandboy7777 proudly proclaimed it in his profile and his favorites are filled with "redneck and proud" confederate flag art (and lots of naked chicks). So Forgive me if I offend Mr. big_ford84, but if you aren't a redneck, you are simply a fucking dumbass.

Exhibit A (click photo to enlarge)

Creative comment. I wasn't too harsh with him in my response. Ok name calling was probably unnecessary but I digress...

Exhibit B (Click photo to enlarge)

oops. I really lost my cool there, but this kind of thing, not even worthy of a response warranted a serious smack down. If this escalates I will probably just block his dumb ass and leave it. After all rednecks do have guns! And ignorant dumbasses have been known to go kill people because they were "liberal" .

Ahh well, we will see how it pans out. Again, this kind of shit is not worthy of a response and I would like to think I am better than that.

EDIT: (2009-03-18 07:59 CDT) OK I decided to go ahead and delete my comments and delete his and also block him. I don't need some dumbass coming after me (who may or may not own guns).


SQJ said...

Love your comments - probably a good idea to block him! If he keeps trolling around, I'm sure he'll get kicked off sooner or later - just like the other moron did!

Chris said...

Yeah thanks. Unfortunately They were red-faced impulse comments. and I figured this person didn't even deserve to be intellectually bitch-slapped by me.