On Sunday Morning I opened up my email and found that some random redneck dude had sent me a FlickrMail. I thought this was too good to be true, so I did a screenshot and posted it to flickr for a laugh.

I also have not responded to this man, because his letter is not worthy of a response. But it is worthy of ridicule. Which is why I blogged it.

Psyche Etoile pointed out something hilariously funny (thanks) -that all his favorites are of semi naked and naked women and young college-age girls in dorm rooms. HAHA! I see no problem with this (except maybe the creepy part that if this guy is the old dude with grey beard pictured in his photostream and he is going after college age girls) - but its rather funny how in one breath he damns me to HELL (all caps were his) for denying his God and then goes on to Favorite naked chicks on his flickr, something of which I am sure the church would not approve.

The funny thing is the Bible (not the basis of morality) has lots of sex, incest, rape, torture, and slavery in it and seems to think that's ok and fine.


Look at what we are presented with in his photostream (unless he took it down -screenshot buddy ha!) (click to enlarge)

Now it appears he is trying to pass off this as his own work. He makes no mention of the original photographer, and does not credit him. What's that you say? The original photographer? Yes. The Original Photographer (click to enlarge)

So now another possible reason of why he got "just got kicked of flickf." [sic] (he changed his profile since) Could it also be -in addition to flaming people you don't know, plagiarism ?

Wonder if Noe Cariillo Knows Bob?


Kit Cat said...

I did that joke in Alabama, and these three rednecks met me after the show. "Hey buddy, c'mere. Hey Mister Comedian, c'mere." Yeah, I love that move (makes shoving motion) "C'mere!" Not a physics major, I think that's a safe bet. "Mister Funnyman, c'mere. Hey buddy, we're Christians and we don't like what you said." I said, then forgive me. -Bill Hicks

SuzyQJenn said...

Yes - this is ridicule worthy - and very ironic considering his favorites. Oh well, at least it's entertaining right?!

Chris said...

Yes it is funny. Honestly I only get threatened with hell fire by anonymous cowards on the internet and not real people. The exception being in Nashville, I got a guy standing on the corner of 3rd and Broadway wearing a suit and a Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel tie shouting fire and damnation to everyone within earshot. Most of the real life threats have been veiled and subliminal.

Hellboy said...

I mean if being an atheist meens being damed to hell then grease up the pitforks because i would gladly go through hell to be free of all the people like that guy, 'cause if he's going to heaven show me to hell.