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Reading the comments on the secular article that ran in today's Tennessean I found something that forced me to respond. I went through the register process at the Tennessean but it seems there is some delay, so I will respond here.

The Article

Harlowfan says:

I can't imagine how cold and lonely life must be without God.

Well let me tell you Harlowfan, Atheism is LIFE AFFIRMING in a way that religion can never be. The here-and-now is not something to be endured before the after life of eternal happiness. The Here-and-now is all we have, so we make the MOST OF OUR LIVES here and now on earth. Without superstition. We lead moral lives without the threat of hell fire, unlike religion, we are moral and good because of the inherent humanism in us all. No threats of hell fire, no threats of "If you don't be good you will burn forever"

Guess what Harlowfan, I realized the bible was written by men, and that there is a very good chance that god doesn't exist. And guess what, I am not going to go and kill someone because the 10 commandments were written by men instead of god. Because Religion isn't the basis of morality. It says a lot about someone who needs the threat of hell fire in order to be good. If you found out that there wasn't a "Thou shall not kill" would you go out and kill someone? I don't think so.

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ExquisiteTruth said...

Nicely said Chris.