FW: Did your senator vote for the "thought crimes" bill?

Dear AFA,

No, my senators didn’t vote for the hate crimes bill because they are bigoted homophobic white-boys from Tennessee. They both did vote for the gang-rape bill though. How about them moral values?

From: AFA Action Alert
Sent: 2009-10-26 20:21
To: Chris
Subject: Did your senator vote for the "thought crimes" bill?

Did your senator vote for the "thought crimes" bill?
See how your senators voted and send an e-mail of complaint or commendation.

October 26, 2009

Dear Chris,

The United States Senate voted last week to criminalize thought by passing the so-called "hate crimes" bill.

This is simply the first in a line of morally repugnant pro-homosexual bills that are on the horizon, such as the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a bill to repeal the prohibition on homosexuals serving in the military, and a bill to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act.

We must let every senator who voted for the "hate crimes" bill know that his vote will not be forgotten when he stands for re-election.

And we must let those senators who voted against this dangerous bill know that we appreciate and support their vote and will likewise remember their vote when they stand for re-election.

The "hate crimes" law not only criminalizes thought, it creates a judicial caste system in which those who engage in non-normative sexual behavior perversely get more protection than heterosexuals.

And it could put your pastor in jail if his biblical teaching on sexuality can be connected in even the remotest way to an act of violence against a homosexual or a transsexual.

(Click here if you'd like to see how your representative voted when this bill was before the House.)

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Send your senators an e-mail of complaint or commendation based on how he or she voted on the "hate crimes" bill.

Please note that our system automatically recognizes how your senators voted on this bill contructs the proposed e-mail message accordingly.

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Send your senators an e-mail of complaint or commendation based on how he or she voted on the "hate crimes" bill.

It is very important that you forward this alert to your friends and family members.



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Its a Trap!

Thanks to Inspiration For Every Day Life
I immediately knew that it was a scam, one of those bait and switch deals. It was a mailing from a local car dealer that said I was a "finalist" in a $10,000 contest. The problem is, I never entered any contest.

Point is, its a scam and if you ever get a mailing to go to a dealership to claim a prize (just a bait & switch to get you in the door). I knew for sure this was a scam because of the obvious bullshit they sold on the website.

Just check out the google links. On the prize card, it says "go to our website directly, do not enter our website in a search engine" RED FLAG hahaha

When typing in selectyourgifts.com into google, google suggest suggests "selectyourgifts.com scam" as its first page. I hope with more and more people making blog posts and posting to ripoff report. The saddest thing is, many people will be drawn in and duped by this scam.

Billboard wars

How can the secular community ever stand a chance of competing with the Christians when the Christians don't even have to post billboards themselves? They get some country artist to post religious ads for them. They have lots more money than us, but also have that atvantage of not having a fundamentalist movement trying to vandalize and bitch and moan and complain about their billboards like we do.


A test of the Blogger Email system

I know It’s been quite a while since I have posted anything and blogging has been pretty useless lately.  With all the tools available to me. I realize that I never set this blog up to be published via email. (A tool available since the first blog started in Sept 2004)


Anyway this is a test. Lets see if it works.








You can be good without god(s)

Granted, the data is old,


How about those so-called “Judeo-Christian values” we keep hearing about so much about? Here is a breakdown of those Judeo-Christians in Prison versus atheists in prison:

Judeo-Christian Total 62594 83.761%

Atheist Total 156 0.209%

Although making up 12-16% of the total population, atheists are demonized for being “evil” from the Christians.