Podcamp Nashville 09

I am sitting here at home after spending some serious moolah on My wife's laptop and another present for myself (A lenovo S10) Feeling pretty good.

Today was really good, lots of interesting info at #pcn09 Podcamp Nashville. I uploaded a photoset to flickr.

My favorite presentation was "@#$* it we'll do it live!" I was LMAO at the Bill Oreilly throwback.

Anyway The whole point of this post s to provide an update. I started getting ill on Thursday and was seriously ill Thursday night. I was sent home Friday like a kid being sent home from the nurse's office.

So I rested Friday, and felt well enough to head to Pocamp today.

Part 2 of this post, its kind of important because there is a spamming dude out there that spells the end of Twitter!

I was reading Regravity and felt obligated to say something about it here as well as comment.

First off, this is an incredibly bad idea. We kill spam as soon as it comes across our desk. I don't know about you, but I have set my Gmail to forward to my phone on every twitter email. So I can immediately look at the user profile - who just followed me. If the person is trying to sell something, I send a direct message to @spam with that persons username. For example:

d spam @tweettornado

Killing these spam bots, cause they are many times more quick in following people.

Second, the nerve of this bastard to post a comment on Regravity as disrespectful and childish as he did is beyond rotten.

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