The Birds

Was waiting to get into the Ryman and saw this amazing Cumulonimbus and also saw a perfect set up - Pinnacle to the left, tree, and Cumulonimbus - so equipped with my mobile phone (no recording devices or cameras were allowed for the Bill Maher show) I snapped one, saw the birds flying through, and thought they ruined the shot. So I took another one. But decided this one was better. I love the gracefulness of the birds. You can see several of them in various stages of flight. I am quite happy with the way it turned out. Best viewed large.


Time to end the mobile phone gulag

20.06.2009 19:58 UTC

Air Temperature 34ºC
Relative Humidity 52%
Wind Velocity 4.02 m/s
Wind Direction 20º
Air Pressure 1010.9 hPa

Came across this so I would like to pass it on.

New mobile phones have been called “the Internet in your pocket,” but they’re not. Through exclusive deals for phones like the iPhone and BlackBerry Storm, wireless companies have curtailed innovation, crippled applications, and stuck users with the bill. We demand the freedom to use our phones as we choose — on wireless networks that offer true high-speed Internet and real consumer choice.

Been Looking through old posts

Funny When I started this whole blogging thing nearly 5 years ago I started every post with a

Air Temperature
Relative Humidity
Wind Velocity
Wind Direction

And then I would go on to write whatever. Maybe I will channel my inner geek and start it up again.

So here it is, June and its hot as hell.

20.06.2009 04:36 UTC

Air Temperature 28.5ºC
Relative Humidity 67%
Wind Velocity 2.2 m/s
Wind Direction 222º

Tired and going to bed. How things change. Yeah I am out of shape but I am also a night owl. That data is is from South Nashville, where its slightly hotter than here at home.

Going to fall asleep to some Aphex Twin again. I don't remember a single dream at all but if I could Lucid Dream and listen to the Selective Ambient Works, Vol, 2 (of which I highly recommend) I bet the dreams would be awesome.

See ya on the other side.


Arguing with a believer

Banyek - Music for dreamland

Always been a fan, came across another set to fall asleep to. Awesome ambient sounds.

More than happy to share Download the set here

Many thanks to _applejux_ for sharing.



1> XRC - Aprilis 6 (bitlabrecords.com/cod)
2> LOMOV - Snodd (bitlabrecords.com/cod)
3> SOL- Cabin (bitlabrecords.com/cod)
4> SOUTIEN GORGE - Erkezes (bitlabrecords.com/cod)
5> DIA- Resad (bitlabrecords.com/cod)
6> ON_14 - Distance (bitlabrecords.com/cod)
7> RENNIAC - Earth night (stadtgruenlabel.net)
8> SOUTIEN GORGE - Zuhause (2063music.de)
9> COOLER- Sunset on planet Mars (chiware)
10> ESA - Environmental(03) (sinewaves.it)
11> UNKNOWN - Microwave drugs (quiet zone)
12> SOUTIEN GORGE - Ende (2063music.de)

Turquoise Hexagon Sun

Was browsing around and came across this video. I remember seeing this film years and years ago. A brilliant marrying of the original concept of the film and one of my all time favorite songs.

The film is called Koyaanisqatsi and its from 1982. Its been so long since I have seen the film that I can't even remember the original music that went with it. But I do remember the powerful message that it gave. Sad how not many have listened to it since the film was released.