Why the Luke Wilson at&t ads are stupid & a mobile handset rant




A)       He is misleading.  He says that at&t’s map really covers the whole country, or 90% of all Americans. While this may be true, its not countering the original charge of Verizon – which is at&t’s lack of 3G coverage.

B)       He makes a claim and doesn’t cite evidence. The claim is “at&t is the nation’s fastest 3G network” yet doesn’t back his claim with any evidence. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

C)       He claims talking and surfing at the same time is necessary.  On Verizon you currently cannot do this, however it doesn’t say that you can using a wifi connection. Besides, I use about 100 minutes per month on voice calls –if that. I for one don’t see it as a problem to say to the person on the other end that “I will call you back”, check whatever, and then re-dial. To me I don’t think its that big of a deal. Its hardly something to brag about.

D)      He says at&t has the “most popular phones”. This is only because of Apple’s sweetheart exclusivity deal with at&t  (and also the Garmin nuvi phone lately). Take away exclusivity and the mobile carrier is S.O.L. at&t built their backbone on wired plant. They get a lot of money from people like me who pay them for their DSL.



I disagree with handset exclusivity to begin with. And on that, I disagree with Verizon having exclusivity to the Droid. You don’t buy a Dell Studio 17 and have Dell say you can only use the computer on at&t DSL service at home. That would be stupid. So why not end this bullshit already and let us buy the handsets we want regardless of what provider we pay?  Let the providers sell us on their service not exclusive handsets. And while I’m at it, lets do away with this bullshit 24 month contract business eh? Can’t we just switch as we please like we already do with our home internet service providers? Or our cable/satellite tv providers? I am buying access to a network, not buying a freaking car here. End wireless contracts NOW!


Of course those things I spoke about will never be changed any time soon. I have hope though. It’s kind of like DRM.