Fun bible verse: rape and pillage edition

Numbers 31:15-18
And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive?
Behold, these caused the children of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to commit trespass against the LORD in the matter of Peor, and there was a plague among the congregation of the LORD.
Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.
But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

Read the Constitution: Lesson 2

Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5:
No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

Yep. Nowhere does it say anything that the President has to be a Christian. Nowhere does it say the President can't be a Muslim. Nowhere does it say the President can't be an atheist.

Article 2, Section 1, Clause 8:
"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

No mention of God or any religion. No mention of any bibles or anything. This is the presidential oath.

Treaty of Tripoli

Most notably Article 11:

Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen; and, as the said States never entered into any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties, that no pretext arising from religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

According to wikipedia

The Senate's ratification was only the third recorded unanimous vote of 339 taken. The treaty was printed in the Philadelphia Gazette and two New York papers, with no evidence of any public dissent.


Featured Artist: The Searcher

Beginner's Bible Coloring Book!
Originally uploaded by The Searcher

Thanks to The Searcher for making such beautiful art. Check out the photostream for some amazing work. I have been honored that this piece was added to the Bible Belt Pool. The Searcher is from Seattle. So go check out the wonderful art.

Bible Belt Finds: WARNING + Jesus is boss + Gay bashing

Mardi Gras 2009

Thanks to howieluvzus.

Again I had to laugh out loud at this sign. "Rebellious women"? "Sports nuts"? "Pot smoking little devils"? Down at the bottom it says "God will judge you" I think these nutters do the judging for god.

jesus is boss

Thanks to Gigi Elmes. As noted looks like a driving hazard to me.

Thanks to דודdavid.

Don't forget you can join the Bible Belt Group today. Then keep your eyes peeled. Its so much easier here in the south to find this stuff. But it is everywhere. Would love to have your bible belt-isms added and posted.

Attack of the Rednecks (part 4)

OrangePaint (4)

Ok so I am driving home. I see some debris in the road. With caution I try to avoid it but cannot cause I am in the 3rd lane from the left and there is traffic on both sides of me. I can't go anywhere. Then I see a can of orange paint which had exploded and was bouncing down the interstate. headed straight for me. It hits my bumper and sprays my windshield. I immediately hit the windshield washer and wipers. It does nothing.

So a can of orange paint hit my truck (a work vehicle) And sprayed orange paint all over. Pissed, I continue my drive home. I eventually catch up to the dumbass who was responsible for the orange paint mishap. It was a semi-trailer. A flat bed, with a shit load of loose cans of paint falling off one by one. On the trailer was what looked like furniture but then looked to be like metal cabinets and storage bins for -say a warehouse or a manufacturing floor. About 30 cans of spray paint were rolling around on the back. I didn't have my DSLR with me so I didn't attempt a photo while driving. The semi was red. On the door it said "Alabama Motor Express" Or something similar. And so, be it a conspiracy or not, a redneck caused some paint to spray all over my vehicle. The stuff was hard to get off (I have only gotten it off my windshield and headlights. The rest is still on). After a hard day's work, I come home and no I can't relax I have to clean up paint. I had to use a razor blade on the window and alcohol on the headlights.

Attack of the rednecks (part 3) (Afternoon LOL edition)

Velvet Ant Death #9

A big thank you to all the redneck persons out there on flickr that keep providing me with good blog material. You guys never let me down :)

Check out this week's winner.

He goes by the flickr name of Proudly in Alabama and SAVED by the Lord's grace!

He comments on this photo of mine from 2007-08-02

I will post a screen shot of his comments below (click to embiggen)

So let me quote him:

First thing he says is:

After seeing that stinger, it's going to be about a week before I can sleep again.

You could hit bone with that thing!

Fair enough. I come back at him with:
Yeah well, They are very aggressive if handled. Looking back I really should have just left it alone. At the time though I didn't want to risk it getting in the house for my (then) 2 year old to pick it up so this thing had to go.

They have them down in your neck of the woods too so watch out for them. I live by a philosophy now that if they dont pose a threat to you -they should be just left alone. After reading about how rare these things are I regret killing it. They are rare. I have only seen 4 in a 15 year time span. Granted most of that time I was not living in the south.

He then replies:
Look son, I don't know what hippie kool-aid you've been drinking, but -- THE RARER THE BETTER, extinct would be preferable. Short of these things holding the cure for cancer (which they don't), keeping them around serves only as one more source of a horrific death for innocent and unsuspecting babies and children, the elderly, and the anaphylactically allergic.

Traditional American philosophy is: if it doesn't serve a clear and important purpose which benefits the human race, a benefit which only it can provide us -- and if, on top of that, it kills or creates damage or pain -- then TO HELL WITH IT, IT'S A BUG FOR PETE'S SAKE!

And I agree.

I LMAO and then type out:
@Proudly in Alabama and SAVED by the Lord's grace!

Firstly, you aren't my dad.

Hahaha you really make me laugh dude. How do you know for sure they don't hold the cure for cancer? Also I would like to dispel the rumor that these velvet ants kill, -they don't. They produce a very painful sting. But they do not kill. MAYBE someone who is allergic, but really its a rare thing. It seems (and I am totally making an assumption here) that you are they type of person who would kill something just to kill it. Do you like to hit deer in the road just to kill it and take its antlers as some sort of redneck trophy? Again I am making assumptions here and I do apologize if I am wrong but I have seen real rednecks here in Tennessee do such a thing.

I suspect that your feeling of importance of the human species above all other creatures stems from your heavy Christian faith and how in the bible it says its ok to kill and torture animals for our own means.

Lastly, what do you agree with?

Thanks for keeping the subject alive. Great to have your comments man.

I mean holy shit, look at his flickr profile and tell me if you think this guy and me would disagree on just a few things.



Complete this sentence: "If I were to die tonight, my soul would be in H______ tomorrow morning".

"A Bible that's falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't."

"There is an appointment that all men will keep" (with God upon death); what will be seen there with you that day?


I am a worthless sinner, undeserving of the crucifixion and bodily death of Jesus Christ, but by the GRACE of THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, it was done and I am SAVED and my sins are under the BLOOD at CALVARY and I am HEAVEN-BOUND! THANK YOU LORD for MAKING A WAY for me by sending your sole Son to die for my sins at Calvary! My sin-debt has been paid! It's only by YOUR WONDERFUL GRACE that I'm saved!

I am from a RURAL part of the Deep SOUTH, where there's still a trace of DECENCY left in most white people.


This is a LOST and DYING world FULL OF SIN -- murder, liberalism, rape, starvation, disease, sickness, death, love of darkness, hatred of light, selfishness, gluttony, anger, perversion, molestation, addiction, pain, shallowness, deceit, prostitution, ALCOHOL, drugs, poverty, greed, self-indulgence, dictators, humanism, hedonism, atheism, evolutionism, homosexuality, corruption, interracial marriage, etc. -- and it's not my home, I'm just A-PASSIN' THROUGH, HALLELUJAH! How tragic it would be if this Earth were all there was!

God SPECIFICALLY said not to be deceived by what the liberals are saying: homosexuals, alcohol drinkers, non-Christians, etc., will NOT be getting into Heaven the way liberals say they will - {1 CORINTHIANS 6:9-10}

There is only ONE way to HEAVEN, and that is through the shed BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST {JOHN 14:6}. You can be SAVED only through His GRACE, not your own works (what kind of 'loving' god would send his only son to die a horrific death if there was any other way?) - you're a sinner and thus you fall FAR short of the Grace and Glory of God {ROMANS 3:23}, and are UTTERLY incapable of paying the debt of sin you've racked up. You can't earn a ticket into Heaven by doing nice things for people or having your heart in the right place {EPHESIANS 2:9} - you NEED Jesus! You need to TURN from your SIN, REPENT, BELIEVE on His name, and ask GOD to SAVE YOU so that you can be BORN AGAIN into the SPIRIT and filled with the HOLY GHOST and go the HEAVEN instead of HELL! READ THE BIBLE!!! -- it's God's word, and this is EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS!...and that's how it USED to be preached all over this land, the GOOD OLD-FASHIONED FIRE and BRIMSTONE way! {REVELATION 21:8}


There are NO CONTRADICTIONS in the Bible! It is the infallible, inerrant, all-sufficient, inspired WORD OF GOD - and it is to be taken LITERALLY, as PERFECT GOD WROTE IT, not as sinful man wishes it were! I believe the WHOLE BIBLE, exactly as written, with NO APOLOGIES TO "SCIENCE" -- and no, there are no problems with eating shellfish and also shunning homosexuality, ignorant liberals!


Jesus created an INDEPENDENT church, each local church UNAFFILIATED and UNASSOCIATED with any sort of man-made larger organizational body -- hence I am an INDEPENDENT FUNDAMENTAL BAPTIST. If your church is affiliated with ANY sort of organization or association -- be it the Southern Baptist Convention, the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church in America, the Roman Catholic Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, whatever it may be -- you are in a BIBLE-DENYING, LIBERAL CHURCH. Churches: if an association has you on their rolls, Jesus doesn't have you on His!

Most people who self-identify as "Christian" aren't, no matter how loud they may insist -- "SAYIN' IT DON'T MAKE IT SO!" -- the BIBLE shows the standard of who's a Christian!


We the SAVED are on a MISSION to preach to the impenitent lost, to convert all the atheists and pagans and hippies and vegetarians and Moslems and Jews and Catholics and Mormons and other unsaved (why? Because we CARE about the fate of their eternal, everlasting souls and thus don't want to see them end up in HELL FOREVER because they died without Christ's blood covering their sins - the Jesus of the Bible said that through Him is the ONLY way to Heaven {JOHN 14:6}), to stamp out homosexuality {LEVITICUS 20:13} and feminism {1 TIMOTHY 2:11-12} and all other forms of Bible-denying liberalism, and to reclaim America for Christ and hold the people of this secular liberal land to God's STANDARDS and COMMANDMENTS. These God-hating liberals will get their due - JUDGMENT awaits, and it will be a TERRIBLE DAY when the TRUMPET OF THE LORD SHALL SOUND!!!

HELL is NEVER-ENDING TORTURE and suffering and death; it's a DEMONIC place -- and it's where YOU'LL SEND YOURSELF by and for your SIN if you refuse CHRIST before it's eternally TOO LATE! Do you want to PERISH IN AGONY...or not? Christ died for YOU!

TURN from your sins or BURN in hell for FOREVER, UNSAVED SINNER! YOUR CHOICE, so choose LIFE over DEATH!

My YouTube channel
I live in the Deep South, in the most deeply conservative, old-fashioned, fundamentalist Baptist state in the union - whose very name strikes fear in the hearts of liberals: ALABAMA ... where freedom still matters!

Endless material -these Christian fundamentalists provide.

HP customer service hell

At work, we have an HP plotter, and also an HP color Laser Jet. In the past, when the 5550DN went on the blink, I had to call them up and –even though it’s under a warranty they require someone to troubleshoot the device on the phone before they will send someone out. So, today, the Design Jet 1055cm plus dies. I have to call these people again which resulted in a huge pain in the ass and a waste of time. Before calling, I had already known it was the network card that failed, because I did my own troubleshooting. Knowing this, you would think that this call should take very quickly. I already know what the problem is, I just say yes, yes, yes, to the people when they ask me “have you tried … ?” Here is what went down:

11:25 - Call Start - using complicated voice-recognition automated system. Was advised that design jet support is online only. And to have a nice day. *click* Call ended.

11:29 - Call Start - tried to connect with a representative by hitting 0 repeatedly (about 8 times). Told to wait on hold while a representative would be made available.

11:34 – Finally connected to a representative. This one is from Costa Rica. He hears my problem, and then promptly places me on hold to transfer me to design jet team.

11:36 - On Hold.

11:41 - Connected with design jet team member -this one is from Canada (eh). He records our care pack number and info. Listens to my problem and also agrees that it is a network card issue. He places me on hold to start a conference call for network card specialist.

11:45 - On Hold.

11:58 - Now in conference call with Design jet team member (from Costa Rica) and network card specialist. Troubleshooting device at the insistence of the woman from Costa Rica – who seems to think I am some sort of idiot.

12:14 – Woman from Costa Rica determined that indeed the card was bad (as we had initially suspected). She begins to setup a case number. She can’t start one because she needs to enter the serial number of the old card. The man from Canada (eh) takes over and says he will order the card for me.

12:28 – The rep from Canada (eh) is ordering a new card. He tells me all the info etc etc etc.

12:39 - End of call. I can eat lunch YAY!

So, more than an hour wasted on the phone to get something I already knew was bad, bearing in mind, that a year of “care pack” service is $1,649. The man from Canada (eh) was extremely helpful and repeatedly apologized for placing me on hold. The personnel from Costa Rica however always seem to irk me, cause they constantly ask me “Have you tried … ?” That in combination with their very thick and heavy accents and the broken English make it extremely difficult to deal with them. I am not at all pleased.

The thing that pisses me off more, is we are supposed to have, included in this “care pack” service a tech to come out to fix problems. HP will not even send a tech out unless you sit on the phone for hours on end to troubleshoot with someone. (that is usually from Costa Rica who is hard to understand yadda yadda yadda) I can’t see why they can’t just let me call a number and get help. Here is how a call should go:

I call HP and say “Hey Joe, come on out we got a problem.”

And Joe says “Ok Chris, I’ll be there at 4 PM”.

Then I say “OK”.

Why? Why do they make people jump through hoops of fire in order to get some help and SERVICE that they PAID FOR? I am pissed and its not even my money that paid for it. (Its my work) but for fuck sake HP! Why not make it easier for us normal people?


Bible Belt Finds: "Truckin' for Jesus" + "One Way" + "3-handed salute"

"Don't Leave This World With Out Him"

Thanks to s t e p h e r


Thanks to NC Cigany

Some wisdom from the Calvary Baptist Church

Thanks to mr*sha*mme*r

Of course, if you find any "bible-belt-isms" in your neck of the woods, photograph it and add it to the Bible Belt group. If you aren't already a member join today.

Don says "Don't watch Family Guy"

Fox's 'Family Guy' goes too far; file a complaint with the FCC

File an official complaint with the FCC against the FOX network and your local FOX affiliate station.

March 25, 2009

Dear Chris,

On March 8, Fox network aired Family Guy, a perverted and sickening program, into the homes of millions of Americans. This episode was rated TV-14 DLSV by FOX, meaning that in the network's opinion it was appropriate for 14-year olds. It aired during prime-time.

The content of this program was so explicit that I can't even begin to describe it here.

Click here to watch these scenes or read our detailed review. WARNING: These scenes taken from the Fox program Family Guy are highly offensive.

The review:


The following information is offensive! It is offered as informational evidence of the sickening material broadcast on FOX Network.

The March 8 episode of Family Guy, a disgusting cartoon that airs Sunday nights on Fox network, condoned bestiality, gay orgies and babies eating sperm.

In this perverted episode:

* Peter, the husband/father figure, turns gay after taking an experimental shot of the gay gene. He was paid $125 to take part of this experiment to prove that being gay is not a choice.
* Peter and his new lover make out in a restaurant.
* The lover tells Peter he has arranged an 11-way gay orgy.
* Peter helps his son with his math homework and turns the problem into an explicit conversation about “glory holes” and “circuit parties,” which are references to gay sex.
* Peter leaves his son Chris in charge of the family while he spends time with his gay partner. Upon his new role, Chris immediately passes gas in his sister’s face and knocks out his mother, Lois.
* Peter lies in bed with his rear exposed and moans in pleasure when a horse, which he assumes is his wife, licks his rear.
* Lois, wearing skimpy lingerie, is turned down by her now gay husband.
* Their child, Baby Stewie, eats cereal covered with horse sperm that resembled milk kept in the refrigerator.

Back to the "sound the alarm" email I got haha:

Even more offensive is Fox's view of Christianity. At a "straight" meeting, the speaker talks to gays about Jesus and tells them, "He [Jesus] hates many people, but none more than homosexuals." Incidentally, Pepsico helped sponsor this program (BoycottPepsico.com.

You really cannot get the full effect of the show's portrayal of Christianity without watching the video or reading our review. You will hear the tone and sarcasm very clearly.

The FCC has a duty to enforce the law and fine Fox for this sickening violation of broadcast decency standards. In addition, your local FOX network affiliate did not have to air this episode. Obviously, they do not care about your local community standards.
Take Action!

File an official complaint with the FCC against the Fox network and your local FOX affiliate station. It will only take a couple of minutes. Do it for your children and grandchildren.

They leave a link for watching the video too. I haven't seen it. I don't watch the show and don't really care about it. But I do know that it is hugely popular. Also, "boycotting" this is only going to make the show more popular. Complaining about toilet humor is one thing but I laugh out loud when organizations like this make it their sole agenda to combat every instance of the "homosexual agenda" with stupid "boycotts" and "Write to the FCC" nonsense. My last quick point, it makes me laugh out loud even more that this group finds it

Even more offensive is Fox's view of Christianity. At a "straight" meeting, the speaker talks to gays about Jesus and tells them, "He [Jesus] hates many people, but none more than homosexuals."

Um, Don, read your own bible there buddy. Tell me what it says about homosexuals. I know it doesn't link Jesus himself as having any hatred toward gays but Paul, showed a burning disdain for them and lesbians. And since Jesus is the same thing as God, what does it say about God's opinion on homosexuals in the bible? How is that being inaccurate then, in describing religious fundamentalists, such as yourself, as having a hatred of homosexuals?

Oh yeah and lets not forget, you can make your tax-deductible donation to AFA at ... cause we all know God needs MONEY!


Always makes me LOL

A brilliant piece of writing from a brilliant man:

When it comes to bullshit...big-time, major league bullshit... you have to stand in awe, in awe of the all time champion of false promises and exaggerated claims, religion.
Religion easily has the greatest bullshit story ever told. Think about it, religion has actually convinced people that there's an invisible man... living in the sky...who watches every thing you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a list of ten special things that he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these ten things, he has a special place full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry for ever and ever 'til the end of time...but he loves you. He loves you, and He needs MONEY! He always needs money! He's all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can't handle money! Religion takes in billions of dollars, they pay no taxes, and they always need a little more. Now, you talk about a good bullshit story. Holy Shit!

George Carlin



Been trying to be more active on

Volconvo Debate Forums - Political, religious and news-based topics

A Message board I have been a member of since Dec 2004 I recommend.

Comment Gems from the article

Ignotant dumbass (MTSUPsych) wrote:

These people want to be heard but they have nothing to say! Wow, does this make sense? I find it amusing that these "non-believers" have no religion or a need to proclaim their beliefs in the community, yet they are building a church of their own. How ironic. Some will say its not a church, and yes call it by a different name, but when it all comes down to it these people are gathering to discuss religion and God.

I have no problem with the fact that some people dont believe in God, Because I know they will someday!
3/21/2009 5:39:31 AM

neverneverland wrote:
I try not to besmurch the holy faithful too much but come on, the religious stories of miracles and resurrections and such are for children. Either you grow out of such nonseical beliefs or you remain stuck in a spiritual world that is all too often void of any spirituality and instead drown in religious fervor. Having given up my Christian faith many years back I now understand what Jesus really represents and I am a much better person spiritually than I could have ever been holding to a religious doctrine that is so fuzzy in its dictate {the bible, the Koran, the Torah} that it is beyond understanding. I have learned it is much better, and easier, to follow what Jesus represents {WWJD} that it is to have 'faith' in unseeable deity that is more like an angry father than he is a loving God. And I can look at other spiritual concepts without guilt and learn so much more about the spiritual soul. Christians, Jews, Muslims talk a good game but when it comes to walking the walk, well Jesus would be heart broken to see how religious folk live in this day and age. Faith without deeds is about as good as a car without gas. You may look good on the outside but inside you are empty, without true spiritual understanding, being led by the nose by religious dogma that is myth. If one could only understand what Luke Skywalker really meant by using the 'Force' there would be a true spiritual 'ncommunity' where everyone is accepted as human being and not as an 'unbeliever'. But alas, the dark side works in mysterious ways and probably the darkest is to be found in religious dogma. I challenge anyone to compare their spiritual deeds to mine. I may lack the faith but my actions are much more closer to what WWJD is than 90% of the so called faithful. God is a force of nature beyond good and evil. But more important is that I have learned God is a 'force' of nature, period. The rest is pure myth.

3/21/2009 6:09:32 AM

Tennessee wrote:
"No person who denies the being of God, or a future state of rewards and punishments, shall hold any office in the civil department of this State," reads Article IX of the state constitution.

This law is dead and should be buried. It violates the U.S. Constitution and is unenforceable.

"government should not prefer one religion to another, or religion to irreligion". US Supreme Court, Board of Education of Kiryas Joel Village School District v. Grumet, 512 U.S. 687 (1994),

3/21/2009 6:47:43 AM

voiceofsanity wrote:
Some of these comments just prove the point of the article.
3/21/2009 7:13:38 AM

Ignorant dumbass (bobbyrjw) wrote:
Replying to Tennessee:

"No person who denies the being of God, or a future state of rewards and punishments, shall hold any office in the civil department of this State," reads Article IX of the state constitution.

This law is dead and should be buried. It violates the U.S. Constitution and is unenforceable.

"government should not prefer one religion to another, or religion to irreligion". US Supreme Court, Board of Education of Kiryas Joel Village School District v. Grumet, 512 U.S. 687 (1994),

You confuse a Supreme Court ruling with the US Constitution.

Hey bobby! Read this buddy:

Last, the Judicial branch interprets the law

godlessasyou wrote:
As I read these post, I wonder why Christians hate Atheist so much.
3/21/2009 11:25:41 PM

ThreeCrowns wrote:
Replying to michaelo:

"Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle". George Washington. I realize that it might be a stretch to conclude that George Washington existed. After all, I haven't personally seen him.

No one is claiming that George Washington is alive, is active in our daily lives or holds the key to afterlife.

Stay relevent. . .
3/21/2009 11:46:31 PM

georgia.dawgs@hotmail.com wrote:
I can't believe that my parents actually brainwashed me into believing in god.

I find athiests to be more morally concerned about society than the godlovers. Where a godlover will pray for help (and do nothing else) an athiest will get up and do something for themself.
3/21/2009 11:59:13 PM

australiax wrote:
Replying to Harlowfan:

I can't imagine how cold and lonely life must be without God.

I hate to break it to you but I am an Athiest and my life is full and happy. Instead of wasting my energy trying to please a god and get into heaven I am free to enjoy the life I have and do the most with it.
3/22/2009 10:57:32 AM

I of course haven't had time to read through all of it, but to those who read this blog and logged on to comment THANK YOU. I guess I will try for a second time for an account (never got that confirmation email)


Life Affirming

Reading the comments on the secular article that ran in today's Tennessean I found something that forced me to respond. I went through the register process at the Tennessean but it seems there is some delay, so I will respond here.

The Article

Harlowfan says:

I can't imagine how cold and lonely life must be without God.

Well let me tell you Harlowfan, Atheism is LIFE AFFIRMING in a way that religion can never be. The here-and-now is not something to be endured before the after life of eternal happiness. The Here-and-now is all we have, so we make the MOST OF OUR LIVES here and now on earth. Without superstition. We lead moral lives without the threat of hell fire, unlike religion, we are moral and good because of the inherent humanism in us all. No threats of hell fire, no threats of "If you don't be good you will burn forever"

Guess what Harlowfan, I realized the bible was written by men, and that there is a very good chance that god doesn't exist. And guess what, I am not going to go and kill someone because the 10 commandments were written by men instead of god. Because Religion isn't the basis of morality. It says a lot about someone who needs the threat of hell fire in order to be good. If you found out that there wasn't a "Thou shall not kill" would you go out and kill someone? I don't think so.

The article

I joined my fellow seculars in a meeting with a reporter from the Tennessean. We discussed atheism and non-belief in the bible belt. The story was supposed to run tomorrow on the front page but instead ran today on the front page. I am reading comments from people on their online version. I would appreciate any comments from the few of you that do read this blog. Post them on the Tennessean.

30,000 plays

I know it pales to insignificance in comparison with other last.fm junkies but I hit 30,000 plays on Last.fm

The 30,000th Track: The Beatles - You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)


An interesting commute in today

I had to leave early so I could make an appointment to get some electrical work done on my work vehicle. The trip was uneventful until I notice a grey Honda nearly hit me after weaving in and out of the travel lanes. She was weaving in and out as if she was alone and in labor and dying to get to a hospital but somehow I doubt that was the case.

What to do... hmmm... Do I

  • Just let it go and carry-on driving normal speed?
  • Try and catch up to her and tailgate her and when she looks give her the finger?
  • Try and catch up with her to take her photo and post it on the internet for ridicule?

I unfortunately didn't have my DSLR (not been taking it in to work lately) so I used my mobile phone. I am sorry this is the best I can do with creative cropping and editing (it was still semi-dark)

I wonder if at all she will get in an accident driving like that. Which would be tragic.

The next funny thing I saw was a truck, with a George W. Bush Sticker. Not just any Bush sticker, but one from the campaign of 2004. So even after 4 more years of Bush failures does he seem to think its ok to keep the sticker on the vehicle. I just thought that was funny. Not as awful as those stupid Black "W" stickers.

So, I am sitting in the waiting room of a place that's doing some electrical work on the work vehicle.

An odd thing and this is the first time I have seen this is that they have a tv with a dvd player in the waiting room. With a handful of DVDs on the table. (really cool)

Got a story

...which I wrote here in the waiting room of a place I was at this morning but will post it tonight. I will warn its not very good. I seem to be fresh out of ideas here. Or just busy. Got deadlines and little or no progress for this work. So you can be assured I am working from 8 to 6 pm every day with an occasional Gmail check. The good news is it is getting warmer again. I had a spare 10 minutes now (2009-03-19 16:29 CDT) so I figured I would use this neglected mobile blogging tool from Blogger. Will log on tonight.


Seeking Mary Kay Info

Mary Kay Regime

Can someone (anyone!) with info on Mary Kay please let me know what the real deal is. I posted this photo of a rare sighting of a Mary Kay edition Cadillac SRX and had did some very small digging and found out (and perhaps wrongfully concluded) that Mary Kay was nothing more than a Pyramid Scheme. I had a comment from some Tyra H about how I "know nothing".

I have had one (1) first-hand account of how Mary Kay is not really a money-making tool but is a sticky spider-web trap (Pyramid Scheme). I would LOVE to hear more info first-hand on what it is and if it is indeed a trap as one person I know has already confirmed.


Attack of the rednecks (Part 2) (Language warning)

If I didn't get enough laughter and side-splitting goodness from Wallandboy7777, I log in to flickr and look at the latest activity in my photostream. Now I have taken quite a lot of photos, some I even forgot about, and some that should probably be taken down. So what kind of comments would make me laugh so hard tonight?

Meet big_ford84. Now for me to just flat-out call someone a redneck is not very common. Well, lets just say I do it out of respect. Hell, even Wallandboy7777 proudly proclaimed it in his profile and his favorites are filled with "redneck and proud" confederate flag art (and lots of naked chicks). So Forgive me if I offend Mr. big_ford84, but if you aren't a redneck, you are simply a fucking dumbass.

Exhibit A (click photo to enlarge)

Creative comment. I wasn't too harsh with him in my response. Ok name calling was probably unnecessary but I digress...

Exhibit B (Click photo to enlarge)

oops. I really lost my cool there, but this kind of thing, not even worthy of a response warranted a serious smack down. If this escalates I will probably just block his dumb ass and leave it. After all rednecks do have guns! And ignorant dumbasses have been known to go kill people because they were "liberal" .

Ahh well, we will see how it pans out. Again, this kind of shit is not worthy of a response and I would like to think I am better than that.

EDIT: (2009-03-18 07:59 CDT) OK I decided to go ahead and delete my comments and delete his and also block him. I don't need some dumbass coming after me (who may or may not own guns).


AFA update from Don

Obama OKs embryonic stem cell research; actions are immoral and ineffective

March 10, 2009

Dear Chris,

President Obama has given the ok to destroy human life in the name of scientific research.

No. Obama has brought science back to its rightful place instead of banning things because of personal reasons (Bush's ban was reversed) Do me a favor Don, next time you are sick, skip the hospital and go to a church instead.

Embryonic stem cell research is immoral and ineffective. It is immoral because it destroys human life at its earliest stage of development by harvesting the stem cells for body parts.

Don, Don, Don. They use stem cells that were going to be tossed in the trash to begin with. We aren't talking about babies or even embryos here, we are talking about blastocysts! Secondly, they aren't being used for "Body Parts" I am sure glad you don't have a family member that suffers from a disease or spinal injury who could benefit from this research that has been hindered by someone else's "moral" beliefs. I would like you to take a trip down to St. Jude's Hospital and look a suffering child in the eye and tell her that she can't get a cure cause of your personal belief. You hypocritical coward!

It is ineffective because it has yet to be used a single time in any therapeutic application.

This is dumb. It hasn't been used cause we are still in the RESEARCH PHASE you ignoramus. There is a reason we are still in the research phase. His name is George W. Bush. With help from you lot. Who knows what an additional 8 years of progress on this front would have brought us to today?

Researchers must get their funding from taxpayers for embryonic stem cell research because they can't convince private sources to invest. Private investors know there are no proven uses for embryonic stem cells. It's all hype, hope and theory.

Bullshit. Who the F do you think is doing the research? The government?

But adult stem cell research, on the other hand, is ethically benign and is already being used to treat over 70 diseases and conditions. If taxpayer dollars are going to be spent on stem cell research, that's where it ought to go.

Don't lets get started on this. You think a blastocyst should be spared but seem to think its ok for people to be executed by the state in commission of a crime.

By reversing funding restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, Pres. Obama is making every American taxpayer complicit in immoral, life destroying research. This is a terrible example of political ideology trumping sound science.

The "sound science" has been trumped by 8 years of Bush "dark-ages" policy.

Read the constitution: Lesson 1

Article VI, section 3:
The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.


Very simple, 2000+ years ago

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able, and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

Έπίκουρος (Epicurus) -circa 280 BCE

See what superstition does to you

I have never seen this video before. Apparently its very old. Looks like its from Wife Swap. I came across it via God is Pretend. (thanks) I hate to be like other blogs and just re-publish old content, but when I watched this my jaw dropped. She makes her own daughter cry.


Tennessee state constitution is unconstitutional

TN state constitution:

Article 9, Section 2:

No person who denies the being of God, or a future state of rewards and punishments, shall hold any office in the civil department of this State.

Twitter problems again?

I got a message saying that someone unfollowed me, so I was going to unfollow them... I navigate to their twitter page to look, and someone who I knew I was following (from almost the beginning of Twitter) it says I am not following them... WTF!? I didn't unfollow them. Something else unfollowed them for me. I know for sure I didnt unfollow. People are just randomly being dropped for no reason. I wonder what is going on. This person is not a spammer.


Bill Oreilly Remix

I know I am late in the game with this but this made me laugh so hard the tears were streaming down my face when it was over (Language Warning)

Shozu Fail (again)

Mauku + java + #noagenda

EDIT: (DST confusion)

Sent to Shozu = 2009-03-06 09:45 CST
Shozu Uploaded to Flickr = 2009-03-08 14:49 CDT

Elapsed time from sent to Shozu to flickr upload = 52 Hours 4 minutes. = FAIL

I sure HOPE that we don't return to the days of multiple Shozu uploads.



Podcamp Nashville 09

I am sitting here at home after spending some serious moolah on My wife's laptop and another present for myself (A lenovo S10) Feeling pretty good.

Today was really good, lots of interesting info at #pcn09 Podcamp Nashville. I uploaded a photoset to flickr.

My favorite presentation was "@#$* it we'll do it live!" I was LMAO at the Bill Oreilly throwback.

Anyway The whole point of this post s to provide an update. I started getting ill on Thursday and was seriously ill Thursday night. I was sent home Friday like a kid being sent home from the nurse's office.

So I rested Friday, and felt well enough to head to Pocamp today.

Part 2 of this post, its kind of important because there is a spamming dude out there that spells the end of Twitter!

I was reading Regravity and felt obligated to say something about it here as well as comment.

First off, this is an incredibly bad idea. We kill spam as soon as it comes across our desk. I don't know about you, but I have set my Gmail to forward to my phone on every twitter email. So I can immediately look at the user profile - who just followed me. If the person is trying to sell something, I send a direct message to @spam with that persons username. For example:

d spam @tweettornado

Killing these spam bots, cause they are many times more quick in following people.

Second, the nerve of this bastard to post a comment on Regravity as disrespectful and childish as he did is beyond rotten.


Earth Hour

Thanks to great people like John Johnston I find out about stuff like Earth Hour. I started seeing billboards around town.

Earth Hour Billboard 19th & Church Nashville  TN

Also My work has gotten into it and is promoting it.

I saw that billboard while walking today. Before lunch I thought it was so nice out I decided to go for a walk. I walked from work down past the construction at the Hutton Hotel


(? - I did name that photo but stupid Verizon didn't rename it as such when I sent it to flickr from my phone) And then down to 21st, past Vandy and all the way to the Bellcourt, and back... So yes a very nice long walk. I was really trying to scout out the location for Podcamp which is this Saturday. I still don't know where it is, I would REALLY love some Long/Lat that would help a lot.

Oh and Twitter decided to shit a brick this afternoon. My SMS's weren't going through to Twitter and I was not receiving SMS's either. I tried to log in using my laptop, I was prompted for a password and after entering it in yadda yadda yadda, It redirected me to http://twitter.com/stautses

Which looks like this:

So I couldn't send or receive SMS's from Twitter and When I tried to log in using the web I got that. I tried to log in using my phone on mobile web and that was the only thing that worked. As I left work, I started getting SMS updates form BreakingNewsOn and did a test SMS but I find out that that SMS did not go to twitter.

I don't know what happened and the Twitter Blog offered no explanation.

So if anyone knows what happened I would love to know.


Ask me why you deserve hell

Couldn't go to bed without sharing this. Another Bible Belt Find: Ask me Why you deserve Hell (Thanks to uglysheep)

what you deserve

Changed the description of Bible Belt

I added three paragraphs to the description of Bible Belt. Would love if anyone who reads this, and comes across fundamentalism to document it in words and photos and share it with the group. Its free to join :)

I am a child of indoctrination. Growing up there wasn't a question of whether or not I was going to church, there was a question of what tie I was going to wear to church. If I dared speak opposition or requested to not attend church, I was met with harsh punishment and lecturing, and a few hours of bible study for good measure.

Growing up in that part of the country that isn't traditionally Bible Belt-ey (Puget Sound, WA) I had questions from the age of 12. The bible and Christianity didn't make sense to me. It was contradictory, and filled with violence and human suffering.

I was very apathetic towards Christianity even until recently. I believed in evolution and science (I have always been a fan of science) but I wasn't very vocal about arguing with religious nutters about evolution until lately. I figured I would just let them believe what they want to believe in. It wasn't until I moved into the south where I noticed a particular brand of evangelism that brought back painful memories of childhood. Its that in your face brand of preaching that I found particularly annoying. From 2005 onward (been living in Tennessee since 2005 now) I was bombarded with public displays, signs and also over the airwaves, tv and radio. All conveying the same message "If you don't believe in God, you will burn in HELL!" I said to myself enough was enough. I would start documenting this with photos.

If you are annoyed with the constant barrage of Christian fundamentalism being shoved down your throat, this group is for you. It can be an excellent tool to see fundamentalism wherever it raises its ugly head. There is no restriction on where the photos can be taken The "Bible Belt" can be anywhere. Billboards -makeshift or professional, Bumper stickers, Church signs that condemn you to eternal damnation. If you witness these or similar bible belt-isms in your local area, take a snap of it and share it with the group. It may be quite entertaining and scary at the same time.

Bible Belt Finds : Seattle + Cross


Attention Yankees fans! God will judge you! (Thanks to lwolfe26)


Thanks to (tango.mceffrie)

More to see at Bible Belt.

AFA Update

Your evening entertainment. Help! the Christians are being oppressed! They are being silenced!

My purpose in writing the book is to make people aware that Christians are being silenced all across America:

Any examples?

in the political debate,

Any examples?

the public square,

Ugh what gives them the right to use govt. property to show an established religion (unconstitutional)? No one is stopping them from holding signs and shouting bullhorns, or protesting in the public arena.

the schools,

You are perfectly free to preach all you want in private religious schools. But to do so in public schools is again, unconstitutional.

the workplace, and even in the sanctuary of their own churches.

Bullshit. If you are so lame that you want to start preaching in the workplace, that's called harassment people have a right to not be harassed. You still have a right to pray at work, but you don't have the right to harass people. And I would love to see how you are being "silenced" in your own churches.

Was reminded of:

Nothing to report

Well I wanted to write a nice post with graphics and photos but I encountered three problems

a) I am feeling a bit ill.

b) I don't have any news to report. I have been working all day and have not seen any good news.

c) My daughter is home now and I have to take care of her. ( she is watching a DVR'd Care Bears episode now)

I may type something out tonight before bed. I am using my N810 now and have yet to get started on the laptop tonight.

You just don't do this to children. Let alone babies

Taken from Mugs in the news

Defendant: Melissa Calusinski
(Lincolnshire Police Department photo / January 16, 2009)
Charge: First-degree murder and aggravated battery of a child

Melissa Calusinski, 22, of Carpentersville is charged in the death of 16-month-old Benjamin Kingan,who died after she allegedly threw him to the floor of a day-care center, cracking his skull, on Jan. 14, 2009. Authorities alleged she was frustrated because he was noisy.

Police said Calusinski, an employee at the Minee Subee in the Park day-care center in Lincolnshire, left the child to slowly die as he crawled to his chair. The day-care center has since been closed.

News Articles:

Accused Day Care Worker "Loved Kids"

Robert Koehler : The Human Franchise



Well I have been doing some cool stuff tonight. I have already taught my four year old daughter how to navigate to ihasahotdog in Firefox. I also taught her how to highlight text on my laptop.

Teach your children well

Next lesson : Copy / Paste :)

I have been looking at the widgets in Blogger and added "followers" of which I have one (Thanks Suzy). I didn't even know about this until I saw one on another blog. So I follow. And I see a follower.

Its not like Twitter following though.

Back to this post which is about nothing.

Subject One: Its cold again.

Now For someone who spent 3 long cold dark winters in Fairbanks, Alaska 15 Deg F (-9 deg C) is rather balmy.

For someone who spent many a winters' night shoveling 6 metric tonnes of wet, heavy snow off his driveway in Boston - the light dusting We got in Nashville was laughable.

But for someone who was enjoying 60 degree weather on Thursday and then has to be outside when its 20 degrees, 4 days later, sure it feels a little cold.

Hating the fact that its Monday, but I feel slightly better that its Monday night. Leaving only four more days until the weekend.

Revisiting my first ever Blog post. I re-read this and LMAO (Obviously written in an era before spell check)

I had to drive by Cambridge yesterday, they had I-93 NB blocked coming from the airport ... at 2pm on a weekday! Madness!I once had to go to Detroit, Michigan and come back on the same day. This was back in March, they had I93 blocked off going into East Boston so I had to go an a really bad detour. But This was at 5am and 1am -I can understand dismantling the old Green decks at night. But Yesterday I was driving back from the airport -they didnt say I-93 was blocked before the tolls, no they would rather collect money on the tolls and wait for me to emerge on the other side of the Sumner Tunnel pissed off- hell they already got their money! If I had known they would have blocked I-93 NB I would have just taken Route 1A. Anyway sorry for bitching but what normally would have been a 15 min ride turned into 45min. Cause once I got on 93 (in Somerville) there was NO traffic. But these idiots had me driving all throughout Boston, with poor detour signs that are posted right AT the place you are supposed to turn so I had to drive like a jackass cutting in front of people etc, pissing a score of people off.

So yesterday I had a shedload of bags I had checked on my flight from Detroit and so I had to buy one of those rent-a-cart things for $3 and since I had that cart I had to take the elevator. I flew Northwest Airlines so I was in Terminal E (International terminal) The best terminal at Boston, but when I came back yesterday, it was at the same time loads of Trans-Atlantic flights were coming in, so there was a line to get on the elevator. I had no choice but to use it, (again because of the rent a cart thing... I couldn't take the escalator or I would have) but some people were just holding their bags, and didn't even need to use it, (They could have easily used the escalator) so anyway this one lady was in front and kept hitting the button to go up. There was a total of 2 elevators, with 2 lines formed. Once the other elevator opened up to let those people on, they all loaded up and the doors were closing, but this lady failed to realize that if you hit the button while the other elevator's doors are open, -even if they are1 cm away from being shut -the other elevators doors are just going to re open and re open and stay. So I told her what the deal was and she got bitchy with me-I wanted to say something else to her but I kept to myself -don't want any trouble. She finally got in and when it came time to tell the person next to the buttons which floor this broad says "We all are going to 3" when in fact, I was not I was going to 4 (The walkway to Central parking) The elevator stopped at 3 and she got off. As soon as she got off I could tell she had gotten off at the wrong level and she probably meant to get off at 4. It looked as if she was picking up her dad from a flight. Some oblivious looking around and she started to come back to the elevator as the doors were closing. The elevator had emptied out a bit and I was at the front now next to the "Door open" button. The doors closed completely before they could get to the door. (revenge is sweet)
Anyway I got back to my car in Central Parking, paid the $66 to have my car there for 2.4 days and drove off and then you know the rest of the story.

So to sum up this complete waste of your time that is a blog post, I have a sore throat again, Its chilly outside which is bad for me but good for the money hungry fat pigs at the electric company.

Funny how on Rachel Maddow tonight, she is talking about Jean Shaheen and John Sununu in NH. Back when that first blog post was written the airwaves of Boston were filled with 2 of the most annoyingly mind-ingrained worthy commercials.

Jean Shaheen had one when the annoying radio announcer said "who knew? Sununu knew!"

It was an interesting election season.


On Sunday Morning I opened up my email and found that some random redneck dude had sent me a FlickrMail. I thought this was too good to be true, so I did a screenshot and posted it to flickr for a laugh.

I also have not responded to this man, because his letter is not worthy of a response. But it is worthy of ridicule. Which is why I blogged it.

Psyche Etoile pointed out something hilariously funny (thanks) -that all his favorites are of semi naked and naked women and young college-age girls in dorm rooms. HAHA! I see no problem with this (except maybe the creepy part that if this guy is the old dude with grey beard pictured in his photostream and he is going after college age girls) - but its rather funny how in one breath he damns me to HELL (all caps were his) for denying his God and then goes on to Favorite naked chicks on his flickr, something of which I am sure the church would not approve.

The funny thing is the Bible (not the basis of morality) has lots of sex, incest, rape, torture, and slavery in it and seems to think that's ok and fine.


Look at what we are presented with in his photostream (unless he took it down -screenshot buddy ha!) (click to enlarge)

Now it appears he is trying to pass off this as his own work. He makes no mention of the original photographer, and does not credit him. What's that you say? The original photographer? Yes. The Original Photographer (click to enlarge)

So now another possible reason of why he got "just got kicked of flickf." [sic] (he changed his profile since) Could it also be -in addition to flaming people you don't know, plagiarism ?

Wonder if Noe Cariillo Knows Bob?



Originally uploaded by Chris1051
How do you respond to stuff like this?

Best viewed LARGE

thanks to wallandboy7777 for the FlickrMail! I haven't been threatened with hellfire yet this morning! :)

wallandboy7777 says he's a

Southernboy. I just got kicked of flickf. I am trying to find old friends and contacts, Thanks Bill

wow, thanks Bill.