I was scanning the newest additions to the Bible Belt Group. I was contemplating removing some non-related photos, but decided to let them be. Came across a tard holding a sign. (I can never stop laughing at these people)

I had to look up the verse again, and I noticed that it, being contradicting to other parts of the bible, you know, that unshakable book of "truth".

Lets read what it says about gays in Leviticus:

Leviticus 20:13

"If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them."

So if you are gay, the bible says you should be put to death. And if you kill them it won't be wrong, and you won't get in trouble cause their blood is upon their hands. Such a great moral code to live by!

Contrast that with Corinthians:

1 Corinthians 6:9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

6:10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
It doesn't mention gays specifically, but it lists off a lot of other people - which are

  • fornicators (a HUGE list, if compiled would empty 70% of the churches in the south)
  • idolaters (ok, so anyone who owns a crucifix you are gonna BURN!)
  • adulterers (goes in line with the first one)
  • effeminate (possibly a mention of gays, I honestly can't figure this one out -Ted Haggard, can you help me out here?)
  • abusers of themselves (Wondering if this is talking about masturbation.
  • thieves (see below)
  • covetous (90% of Americans who keep up with the Joneses are goin to hell!)
  • drunkards (would empty a whole shitload of church pews)
  • revilers (this one actually makes sense. Something that you shouldn't do as a human being. (gay bashing bible nuts, can you take some notes here?)
  • extortioners (again, actually a good idea to not do this. As with anything in the bible, only 10% of it makes sense -is practical and has good rules to live by. While the other 90% is garbage.
So back to number six. Have a read of

Mark 15:27
And with him they crucify two thieves; the one on his right hand, and the other on his left.

Luke 23:32-43
And there were also two other, malefactors , led with him to be put to death.
And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.
And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.
So can thieves get into heaven? No one knows for sure.


Oh hell no

I had to replace that bandaid that the Dr. placed on it this morning. After the insane pain I had taking off the gauze pad Friday. I didn't want to take any chances. The absorbtion of the gauze made it stick to the foot and it made removal painful. Band aids make better bandages because they do not stick to the wound. So after the 1.5 miniute consultation I was free to go. I noticed the same smiling Oprah staring at me as I put my shoes back on. The first thought in my head was "oh yeah this motherfucker is coming off" (the bandage he put on). So in the above photo you have the new bandaid on it. Explanation of the title of this post: I didn't want to have a bandage on that was going to stick. (apologies, this was written from my mobile phone. )



Its always a nice gesture to offer prayer to someone. It shows empathy. But here's one thing it doesn't do. It doesn't actually work. I have often been offered prayers and politely smile and nod and say thank you. But I think praying offers false hope to someone who is in a real-world struggle for their life. Cancer victims for example.

I read the horrifying yet false story that demeans people and guilts them into being a "real Christian". I had to offer my thoughts.

Propagating the myth that is that "atheist girl story" Is the ass-hattery of John Michael Montgomery and his song "The Little Girl".


Something is wrong with this picture

The AFA, a hate filled hate-speech promoting, religious organization, are asking for "Tax deductible" donations. Why do these morons still have tax exempt status. They promote a political agenda. In one breath they condemn "homosexual promotion" by Campbell's Soup company and in the next ask for a tax deductible donation.

I get their emails to snoop on them. Also so I can use their form to "send a letter" to these companies letting them know how much I appreciate them for standing up to the religious right. I used their "send a letter telling them how outraged you are" links several times to send a letter of thanks. I encourage every one to do this.

Its incredible, in an email dated 27th Nov. They accuse the "gays" of "launching a hate attack" on the Mormons.

Its pretty entertaining to read this stuff. If you can stomach it.


Word of the day: Owwwwww. Day after the forceful slicing of my toenail by an unapologetic and methodical Dr. Ok, I'm exaggerating. But it kind of hurts. So there really is nothing for me to do except watch Rocketboom and Geek Brief and video podcasts. Kind of taking it easy.


Priorities Out Of Order

I don't get how its a good idea to build a special road for a sporting venue (NASCAR) but when it comes to the commerce of this state, we can't have the final plans of 840 completed. I'll admit ignorance to the details of the reason why the north corridor of 840 failed, but in my humble opinion politics should take a back seat to the needs of the people. (i.e. the taxpayers, i.e. the people who pay their salary) just my opinion of course.


Laughing my ass off

Sorry about the bad audio quality here but this is hilarious!

Bringing it back

The CNN crawler rant reminded me of this gem:

Good for the side of buildings, bad for TV

Pre 9/11 you never saw that crawler bar at the bottom of news channels. Somehow someone thought it was a good idea to start having a ticker at the bottom. I think this is STUPID! I am going to steal Lewis Black's line : The reason I watch TV is so I don't have to read. MSNBC have done the smart thing during their prime time shows (Olbermann & Maddow) by removing that stupid crawler.

Can we just get rid of it already?

iPod charging at work

After deleting a shit load of pictures off my phone and staring at the screen I am starting to feel a little nauseated (disoriented) at having to tilt my head down for so long. First drawback to mobile blogging : no spell check :) I admit I use it but you will also notice I dont always use it. There is no spell check on my phone though. We certainly have come a long way from 2004 though.

Expect more blogging :)

Yes. I am so glad this works I am currently typing this on my LG VX9100M and will send it via MMS to blogger to be published and then subsequently tweeted via Twitterfeed. (coolness). now to kill that flickr stream twitterfeed. (kind of a pain). Well call me stuck behind the times, I like to think of myself as an early adopter. Here using this, I can blog up to 1000 characters and still have them post to twitter. Smart. I recommend go.blogger.com

Our Churches Welcomes you

Ok. I am testing out this sending MMS to Blogger thing. I thought as I took this photo the other day, of how this should have already been set up. So here is a real test. "Our churches welcomes you" LOL :)


Review: CablesToGo iPod Compatible RCA Audio/Video to Dock Connector Cable

I cracked this open with glee and instantly hooked up my iPod. As it says on the back of the box it is compatible with "iPod Nano 2nd Generation (aluminum). I plug it in to the TV and to my surprise.

It doesn't bloody work.

Conclusion: It sucks. Don't buy it. Now I have to go through the process of returning it. I may have to suck it up and pay some Apple Fanboy tax and get the genuine Apple ones. They are $50 but include the premium Apple power adapter (a $30 Apple fanboy value) .


Jury Duty

I was pondering why courts are so sensitive on who they allow as jurors. For example I have heard rumors that if you say you are for or against the death penalty, abortion, religion etc. then you will be kicked out of a jury. Is there any proof to this? Has anyone else had first hand experience with this sort of bias? In my opinion, a person should be disqualified if they lack the critical thinking skills that would help them as jurors. Am I discriminating against stupid people?

Anyway, the gate swings both ways. You can have a "get out of jury free" card if you claim membership to the ffrf and, if the claims are true, people will benefit from this because they don't want to serve on a jury. But isn't that discriminating against people because of their beliefs?

Shouldn't we place anti-death penalty jurors in with pro-death penalty jurors? Isn't that a strong case against the death penalty anyway?


Buford Mathias

Originally uploaded by Chris1051
When driving East out of Memphis one morning a colleague and I stopped in a truckstop and ate some breakfast at 6 AM and this was sitting next to the register as I paid for my meal. Hilarious. With a very fitting name to boot for that part of the state.


Re-writing history

I was watching Keith Olbermann on my iPod today and could not find myself agreeing more with what he was saying. In case you missed it, I linked the program in bit.ly earlier. (file is a .m4v) and twittered it before Crooks and Liars could transcript it today.

So I will re-post the transcript here. In order to get the full effect I recommend watching the video. The chopped version from crooks and liars or the full version of the show (skipped ahead to 26 minutes 58 seconds). To those not in the know in the last 8 years it will seem like a huge blur, (probably because Keith was working with a time constraint as well.)

This whole "legacy" makes me mad, but what really makes me mad is the audacity of the right wing to claim that they are on the side of the troops (as if people who dissent against the government's decision to send troops off to their deaths are "against" our troops) when it is their failed policies and Bush cheer leading that gets them killed. I believe in Liberty and American freedom and the need for self defense which, incidentally does not include preemptive invasion of sovereign countries.

Rush Limbaugh angered me when he was defending Donald Rumsfeld's arrogant remarks regarding body armor and Vehicle armor. Remember "As you know, you go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time." ? That fat bastard Rush Limbaugh was actually defending Rumsfeld. I was completely turned off of the right wing by this. We have these people demanding that we go to war and then they defend an arrogant prick like Rumsfeld when he says that troops can't have armor that will save their lives and prevent casualties. This happened before Abu Ghirab.

To effectively document the wrong that was the Bush administration you would need more than I care to type out or Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. But the commentary from last night gave a very good abbreviated feel for why so many of us are displeased with Bush.

President Bush tells interviewers he does not care how history will portray him. But in our third story tonight, the Los Angeles Times has obtained an internal White House memo giving cabinet members talking points for painting history a rosy portrait of Mr. Bush even though his image will only get worse, as new, damning facts emerge. What does the memo say? And how are we obliged to correct its bizarre claims?

To start, it says Mr. Bush, quote, "...promised to raise standards and accountability in public schools -- and delivered the No Child Left Behind Act," an act so poorly received, that the Times points out it became a standard applause line this year... for Democrats.

Also from the memo: he curbed AIDS in Africa. Its spread has slowed, and Mr. Bush has won praise for this but he has not won any praise for withholding funds from groups that promote condom use, a proven life-saver in favor of abstinence-only programs, which have also failed in this country. Also, Mr. Bush's foreign-aid puritan, Randall Tobias quit last year after patronizing an escort service linked to prostitution.

Also from the memo: Mr. Bush lifted the economy with his tax cuts and, quote, "responded with bold measures to prevent an economic meltdown." In 2005, Mr. Bush told a 57-year-old single mother of three, one of them mentally challenged, that it was "fantastic", "uniquely American" that she had to work three jobs unlike half a million people who have no job as of November... in the first presidency for decades during which family earning power fell, and income disparity continued to rise. The "meltdown" he "prevented" now having claimed several Wall Street institutions which had weathered 1929, and 9/11... but not 43.

And, of course, the old standby, quote, he "kept the American people safe"...Not counting twenty percent of his first term, January 20th, 2001, until September 11th, 2001. On 9/11, he sat reading "My Pet Goat" for seven minutes after learning America was under attack. Then covered up environmental dangers at Ground Zero, and failed to provide for the health of rescue workers. Helped bin Laden's family flee the country. Opposed the 9/11 Commission, the Department of Homeland Security. Tried to outsource America's port security to Dubai. Did not keep us safe from the shoe-bomber... alert passengers and crew did that...Did not keep five Americans safe from anthrax... and never caught their killer. Still hasn't caught the killer of 17 sailors aboard the USS Cole. Still hasn't caught the killer of 3,000 on 9/11... outsourcing that to Afghans... turning that country into a narco-state, giving bin Laden a safe haven in the region of Waziristan by literally endorsing a truce that Pakistan signed with the Taliban there. And most of all, not keeping safe 4,200 Americans dead in his war, a war that made us less safe, invading a country that posed no grave or gathering threat, provided a check on Iran... then igniting insurrection by disbanding the Baathist Party, creating a Muslim theocracy purged of its moderate intelligentsia. One in which freedom has marched backward for women. And Lebanon, too, elected a Muslim theocracy... run by Hamas, no less. Keeping us safe? Terrorism is rising worldwide. The still-thriving enemy has claimed Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto... And thousands of people in India... including 200 in Mumbai last month. Russia can now invade U-S allies without fear of retribution. And Mr. Bush failed to prevent Kim Jong Il from joining the ranks of nuclear powers. Despite even more ample warning than he received prior to 9/11, he lifted not a finger to keep a major American city safe from wind and water.

And what, finally, of the claim in the talking points... that Mr. Bush has always upheld, quote, "the honor and the dignity of his office"? You must define dignity downward to find it in a lie. The lie of "Mission Accomplished." Of upholding the Constitution... or protecting habeas corpus. That we do not eavesdrop without warrants... do not eavesdrop on Americans. The lie that we do not torture. That we do not play politics with justice... that we do not use the wheels of justice... to crush dissent. That we do not betray those who serve us in secret. That we uphold, rather than commute, the penalties for those who do. That we do not stage fake news conferences, do not censor science... do not plant propaganda in Iraqi newspapers... nor pay US columnists to write it in American newspapers. Or push respected Americans to vaporize their honor and dignity with lies to the world. Or lie about the causes of the credit crisis, high gas prices, or even that he watched the first plane hit the North Tower on TV. Where is the honor in vowing a crusade? Of daring those who would kill American troops to "bring it on?" Of promising to care for the troops after you put them in harm's way, without body armor or up-armored vehicles? Where was the honor, the dignity in giving a dead soldier's mother a presidential coin and telling her "don't sell it on eBay."?

His memo, revealing yet another lie.

He does care how history will portray him.

And now... he knows.