AFA Update

Your evening entertainment. Help! the Christians are being oppressed! They are being silenced!

My purpose in writing the book is to make people aware that Christians are being silenced all across America:

Any examples?

in the political debate,

Any examples?

the public square,

Ugh what gives them the right to use govt. property to show an established religion (unconstitutional)? No one is stopping them from holding signs and shouting bullhorns, or protesting in the public arena.

the schools,

You are perfectly free to preach all you want in private religious schools. But to do so in public schools is again, unconstitutional.

the workplace, and even in the sanctuary of their own churches.

Bullshit. If you are so lame that you want to start preaching in the workplace, that's called harassment people have a right to not be harassed. You still have a right to pray at work, but you don't have the right to harass people. And I would love to see how you are being "silenced" in your own churches.

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