Attack of the Rednecks (part 4)

OrangePaint (4)

Ok so I am driving home. I see some debris in the road. With caution I try to avoid it but cannot cause I am in the 3rd lane from the left and there is traffic on both sides of me. I can't go anywhere. Then I see a can of orange paint which had exploded and was bouncing down the interstate. headed straight for me. It hits my bumper and sprays my windshield. I immediately hit the windshield washer and wipers. It does nothing.

So a can of orange paint hit my truck (a work vehicle) And sprayed orange paint all over. Pissed, I continue my drive home. I eventually catch up to the dumbass who was responsible for the orange paint mishap. It was a semi-trailer. A flat bed, with a shit load of loose cans of paint falling off one by one. On the trailer was what looked like furniture but then looked to be like metal cabinets and storage bins for -say a warehouse or a manufacturing floor. About 30 cans of spray paint were rolling around on the back. I didn't have my DSLR with me so I didn't attempt a photo while driving. The semi was red. On the door it said "Alabama Motor Express" Or something similar. And so, be it a conspiracy or not, a redneck caused some paint to spray all over my vehicle. The stuff was hard to get off (I have only gotten it off my windshield and headlights. The rest is still on). After a hard day's work, I come home and no I can't relax I have to clean up paint. I had to use a razor blade on the window and alcohol on the headlights.

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