Changed the description of Bible Belt

I added three paragraphs to the description of Bible Belt. Would love if anyone who reads this, and comes across fundamentalism to document it in words and photos and share it with the group. Its free to join :)

I am a child of indoctrination. Growing up there wasn't a question of whether or not I was going to church, there was a question of what tie I was going to wear to church. If I dared speak opposition or requested to not attend church, I was met with harsh punishment and lecturing, and a few hours of bible study for good measure.

Growing up in that part of the country that isn't traditionally Bible Belt-ey (Puget Sound, WA) I had questions from the age of 12. The bible and Christianity didn't make sense to me. It was contradictory, and filled with violence and human suffering.

I was very apathetic towards Christianity even until recently. I believed in evolution and science (I have always been a fan of science) but I wasn't very vocal about arguing with religious nutters about evolution until lately. I figured I would just let them believe what they want to believe in. It wasn't until I moved into the south where I noticed a particular brand of evangelism that brought back painful memories of childhood. Its that in your face brand of preaching that I found particularly annoying. From 2005 onward (been living in Tennessee since 2005 now) I was bombarded with public displays, signs and also over the airwaves, tv and radio. All conveying the same message "If you don't believe in God, you will burn in HELL!" I said to myself enough was enough. I would start documenting this with photos.

If you are annoyed with the constant barrage of Christian fundamentalism being shoved down your throat, this group is for you. It can be an excellent tool to see fundamentalism wherever it raises its ugly head. There is no restriction on where the photos can be taken The "Bible Belt" can be anywhere. Billboards -makeshift or professional, Bumper stickers, Church signs that condemn you to eternal damnation. If you witness these or similar bible belt-isms in your local area, take a snap of it and share it with the group. It may be quite entertaining and scary at the same time.

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