An interesting commute in today

I had to leave early so I could make an appointment to get some electrical work done on my work vehicle. The trip was uneventful until I notice a grey Honda nearly hit me after weaving in and out of the travel lanes. She was weaving in and out as if she was alone and in labor and dying to get to a hospital but somehow I doubt that was the case.

What to do... hmmm... Do I

  • Just let it go and carry-on driving normal speed?
  • Try and catch up to her and tailgate her and when she looks give her the finger?
  • Try and catch up with her to take her photo and post it on the internet for ridicule?

I unfortunately didn't have my DSLR (not been taking it in to work lately) so I used my mobile phone. I am sorry this is the best I can do with creative cropping and editing (it was still semi-dark)

I wonder if at all she will get in an accident driving like that. Which would be tragic.

The next funny thing I saw was a truck, with a George W. Bush Sticker. Not just any Bush sticker, but one from the campaign of 2004. So even after 4 more years of Bush failures does he seem to think its ok to keep the sticker on the vehicle. I just thought that was funny. Not as awful as those stupid Black "W" stickers.

So, I am sitting in the waiting room of a place that's doing some electrical work on the work vehicle.

An odd thing and this is the first time I have seen this is that they have a tv with a dvd player in the waiting room. With a handful of DVDs on the table. (really cool)

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vjack said...

I see those stupid "W" stickers nearly every day. I cannot fathom how anyone could possibly still want their community to know that they helped get that criminal into office. Then I remember where I live and feel really really sad.