Attack of the rednecks (part 3) (Afternoon LOL edition)

Velvet Ant Death #9

A big thank you to all the redneck persons out there on flickr that keep providing me with good blog material. You guys never let me down :)

Check out this week's winner.

He goes by the flickr name of Proudly in Alabama and SAVED by the Lord's grace!

He comments on this photo of mine from 2007-08-02

I will post a screen shot of his comments below (click to embiggen)

So let me quote him:

First thing he says is:

After seeing that stinger, it's going to be about a week before I can sleep again.

You could hit bone with that thing!

Fair enough. I come back at him with:
Yeah well, They are very aggressive if handled. Looking back I really should have just left it alone. At the time though I didn't want to risk it getting in the house for my (then) 2 year old to pick it up so this thing had to go.

They have them down in your neck of the woods too so watch out for them. I live by a philosophy now that if they dont pose a threat to you -they should be just left alone. After reading about how rare these things are I regret killing it. They are rare. I have only seen 4 in a 15 year time span. Granted most of that time I was not living in the south.

He then replies:
Look son, I don't know what hippie kool-aid you've been drinking, but -- THE RARER THE BETTER, extinct would be preferable. Short of these things holding the cure for cancer (which they don't), keeping them around serves only as one more source of a horrific death for innocent and unsuspecting babies and children, the elderly, and the anaphylactically allergic.

Traditional American philosophy is: if it doesn't serve a clear and important purpose which benefits the human race, a benefit which only it can provide us -- and if, on top of that, it kills or creates damage or pain -- then TO HELL WITH IT, IT'S A BUG FOR PETE'S SAKE!

And I agree.

I LMAO and then type out:
@Proudly in Alabama and SAVED by the Lord's grace!

Firstly, you aren't my dad.

Hahaha you really make me laugh dude. How do you know for sure they don't hold the cure for cancer? Also I would like to dispel the rumor that these velvet ants kill, -they don't. They produce a very painful sting. But they do not kill. MAYBE someone who is allergic, but really its a rare thing. It seems (and I am totally making an assumption here) that you are they type of person who would kill something just to kill it. Do you like to hit deer in the road just to kill it and take its antlers as some sort of redneck trophy? Again I am making assumptions here and I do apologize if I am wrong but I have seen real rednecks here in Tennessee do such a thing.

I suspect that your feeling of importance of the human species above all other creatures stems from your heavy Christian faith and how in the bible it says its ok to kill and torture animals for our own means.

Lastly, what do you agree with?

Thanks for keeping the subject alive. Great to have your comments man.

I mean holy shit, look at his flickr profile and tell me if you think this guy and me would disagree on just a few things.



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SuzyQJenn said...

I like your title - attack of the rednecks - it should become a series on your blog, always entertaining!
Speaking of rednecks, my son and I just saw the most revolting bumper sticker on a huge dulley (sp?) truck that said "Kill 'em all and take their oil" - unfortunately, I didn't have my camera - oh, the humanity!

Chris said...


And I dont mean to offend by saying rednecks, but some of them proudly proclaim themselves to be rednecks