Not so good @ liveblogging

For what its worth I am going to copy/paste what I had typed out using my N810 while at Obama camp hq in Nashville during the Nashville debate. I didn't get to type much due to wanting to pay attention to the debate and the flood of tweets. A lot of this is echoed in my tweets for that night.

Here it is:

Lots of media.
18:17 i came by here earlier looking for yard signs and they were out. they said they ran out as soon as they got them in. Ok i have just bought my yard sign. I had to go back to the truck to put the sign in the truck. I shed my sweater.
18:34 - food is served. Long line.
18:35 - plopped my ass down in a chair near the end of the line waiting for it to die down. This N810 is giving me so much comfort. I'm in my little bubble. LOTS of people & its hot.
18:41 - ch 4 is broadcasting. BBC world is uploading content.
19:45 having an interesting discussion with BBC World staff.
20:05 - fire the liars
20:07 - he is talking about energy ugg
20:10 - yes we need to help the middle class 95%!
20:13 - fannie may and freddie mac mccain ties :(
20:23 - a planetarium a waste? McCains antiscience showing.
20:26 - talk about thw war! We need to leave Iraq yesterday! Healthcare ! Yes
20:29 - yes tell us about those earmarks John.
20:35 - tax cuts for the rich :( bad idea
20:36 - wealthy: 250000 +
20:39 - 95% will not get a tax raise
20:40 -CEOs for mccain
20:45 - the "my friends" thing is getting old.
20:47 - excellent counter point to the "drill baby drill"
20:54 - i think the obama plan makes more sense re:healthcare
20:59 - obama knocked it out of the park re: healthcare
21:02 - Iraq = nothing to do with 9/11 pow!
21:09 - going into Iraq = causes more Jihadists want to kill us than before 9/11
21:16 - we do NOT want to go into Iran!
21:19 - Iraq will be the Republicans undoing.
21:21 -news flash : Putin not the president of russia
21:26 - stinking rotting corpse = mistranslation
21:34 - mccain knows hard times with how many houses again?
21:36 -its over Obama did a good job held his own. Trashed the whole "elitist" accusation rather well.
21:46 - the pundits at msnbc are saying Obama won it

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