More evidence Sarah Palin is not qualified

I watched the second half of the debate - I only have time to make a few quick points.

She refused to answer questions directly.
She hammed it up to the camera.
She made the SHOCKING revelation that she wants to see constitutional powers of the Vice President EXPANDED - WTF!!!
She attacked the shit out of Joe Biden.
She mocked him.
She said NOTHING of substance.
I applauded when Joe said John McCain was not a maverick.
If she or John McCain says maverick one more time I am going to go apeshit.
Joe was handcuffed. If he so much as made any counter attack he would be viewed as a bully.
She used that to her advantage and attacked the shit out of him.

Just some thoughts. I will post my live blogging efforts for all debates when I can get them complete. Right now I've got too much on my plate. Stay tuned.

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