Healthcare UR doin it wrong



I have about had it UP TO HERE with the BS that is the American healthcare system. I actually do have health insurance which I pay a pretty penny for and it still isn't worth a shit. I am on the highest plan available through my work. And me and  my employer pay out the ass for it too.  There isn't enough time in the day for me to write a sufficient rant about this healthcare system that is confusing and -well lets just say bullshit. I would like to remind anyone who still says that this is the greatest country in the world (ask if they have ever been to another country for any length of time) about the awful tragedy that is our healthcare system. Its sad cause you read about poor people in the south not being able to see a doctor - people with no insurance - dying because they can't afford healthcare. These same poor people are being brainwashed by right wing hate speech that universal healthcare is socialism and communism and everything else all rolled into one.  I am saying it right here, these right wing bigots like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are spreading this misinformation when they themselves are immune to the sting in the wallet that comes with medical bills. That fat bastard Rush is out driving a Maybach sucking down Oxycontin I am sure he doesn't care about some puny medical costs. Or Sean Hannity - Employed by FNC & ABC radio I am sure he really knows what little people like us are going through when we get billed $600 for a single visit.

Again, its the end of the day and I need to hit the road. I am just plenty pissed. In an already F'd up country this is just another weak leg in an already broken table.

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