He's a n*gger!

If you can stand to listen to the voice of Sarah Palin for two minutes and 38 seconds, listen to another of her rabid right wing supporters shout out the words "He's a n*gger!"

Some people are too stupid for their own good. I'm sorry But I find this kind of behavior inexcusable. If they needed any more reason to have their asses handed to them on Nov 4th (9% of Americans think the country is headed in the right direction as helmed by George W. Bush), this should be it. The "He's an Arab", "He's a Muslim", "He was named after Saddam Hussein"  flaming that has been going on is inexcusable.

Let's also not forget the "B-grade" actress Ashley Todd.


Who said she was attacked by one of those "big black guys".

The racism that is alive and well in all corners of this country is appalling.  When I first ventured into the American south - and the deep south I could not believe what I was hearing. As it turns out this isn't just limited to the American south. Views of the confederate flag are one thing, but when you have redneck dumbasses questioning you if you are "one of those dirty Mexicans" or "one of those Eskimos" on a construction site* - you start to feel a little uncomfortable. Especially when this person hits you on the head with a pipe wrench (I had a hard hat on).

I can only hope (praying to an invisible man in the sky does no good, we already established that) that Barack Obama wins next week. I would love to see the look on all these racist fuckers' faces. I would fear for Obama's safety and I would hope that threats like what we have seen yesterday are nothing more than weak attempts by less intelligent persons of racist persuasion. (Yes these idiots were from Tennessee).

*I worked a very short job on a construction site in 2000 and - a few of my fellow employees couldn't place my race. Although I had "one of those Mexican's" surnames I spoke coherent English, they used some not very impressive logic that I wasn't Mexican (I actually am half Mexican) but had to be something else like Eskimo maybe because I still had my Alaska license plate on my car. They did deduce that I was not 100% whiteboy.

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