Trying out Windows Live Writer

Ok I was convinced by a few people to download and install this software. I had to sift through the usual "make windows live my default search engine" crap. And also had to selectively choose which components of this program I should use. I of course only am using it to create content for the blog, which is neglected. I don't even really take blogging seriously anyway, but with this I may. It may be (so I have heard) a better editor than the tried and tested firefox, notepad, windows explorer.

Ok lets just go down the list here. The first tool I see in the UI on the right is "Insert Hyperlink". It may be a surprise but I am subscribed to the AFA's email newsletter - to see how bigoted and narrow-minded these people are, and also to have a laugh. Well a nervous laugh. I came across this bit of hilarity. Its a "voters guide" filled with misinformation and misguiding lies about Obama.


Not that we really care, as people who are subscribed to AFA's nonsense legitimately are a shoe-in vote for the right anyway. It is slightly annoying when you see lies and misinformation but for what its worth, the AFA are crackpot homophobic bigots, Who propagate hate speech, so I am not too worried.

Using the other features of this editing tool. I am going to drop a map of where the Westboro Baptist Church is:

Map image

Meanwhile you have people who claim that in order to be moral you need the bible. Yet we later find out that they are either closet gays, or run kiddie pr0n operations.

So there it is my first attempt at Windows Live Writer. Lets hope that this thing will be worth keeping and not become a piece of bloated useless software.

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