Quick thoughts

I can report that I am feeling better - like 100 % better. I came to the realization that the harder you look for something the more you aren't going to find it. I need to just enjoy life and quit being so depressed that something is not going to happen. I mean, yes my ex wife is out right now with some dude. She is getting "dates" so much easier than me. And I am having a hard time of it.

But as frustrated as I am, I just have to trudge forward, and see what life can throw at me. I mean, the delusion of Love can really cloud your mind. And also - to the free-thinker like myself (i.e. non-theist) I have an analytical mind, and I think too much about things. I came to realize yesterday, that I should just shut off my brain for a bit and go with the flow. Yes meeting people is difficult. It sucks, and when you do meet someone you like - they're never on the same page as you :(

But alas, I will move forward now, without a clouded mind, blinded by love, or whatever I think is love.

So here's to the future.


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