Jury Duty

Today I was called in for Jury selection. I have never been on a jury, once I was called in to go to Middlesex County court in Massachusetts in Cambridge. But - at that point, when the trial was to take place I had already moved to Tennessee.

So today I show up at 9 AM. and join roughly 60-70 others in a waiting area outside the courtroom. Then we all file in. The judge is typical southern, and old-timey. He starts talking about "this country" and "your duty" and quoting the Constitution. But then he started quoting the Declaration of independence and then he started talking about God. And about the Pledge of allegiance and how it was one nation "under God". I was biting my lip seriously.

After all the God talk he starts calling people's names up, 12 at a time. Then he asks them all at the same time, if they can serve. Most say yes, but every once in a while one or two give a reason. Either they have a medical condition, or they have a demanding job. He then proceeds to guilt them into serving. Only a few -probably about 2% actually were dismissed because of legitimate reasons. Me myself, well My work is paying me for it, and I had no problem with it, so.

I just disliked the whole God/Christianity thing he was preaching. I knew the conversation would go south when he proclaimed that "America is the greatest country ever".

Anyway I am on it (jury duty) and that was the process.

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