In 2008 DJIA Lost 34% of its entire worth, or $7 Trillion (7.0 x 10^12) Just to put that number into perspective, if you had a really big yardstick, that reached to the moon; 240,000 miles away; And every single inch of that yardstick was a stack of money with $460.33, that would equal $7T.

Bearing that in mind, failed Wall Street firms who took our tax money with open palms cause they were "too big to fail" have decided to pay out $18 Billion in bonuses. If this is taxpayer money these crooks should have to reach in to their pockets and put that money back. If they can't afford to make the payment on one of their mansions in the Hamptons, they should reach into their savings like the rest of America, or tighten their belts like the rest of us. These crooks live in a world to their own. In the worst year on Wall Street history since 1931, these people pay out bonuses that rank 6th, $18B.

On top of that Citibank tried to buy another corporate jet for $50M after receiving an infusion of cash from us taxpayers reference. If these idiots had any sense they would at least suck it up and fly ...first class. When some companies are sucking it up and knocking First class down to coach.

President Obama steps in and says something similar to "WTF are you thinking?!?" I feel as if we finally have someone in charge who isn't going to be in bed with these rich pigs and also isn't going to put up with any shit. I am a dreamer yes, but I just get that feeling from him. I have to laugh at when the right wing tried to paint him as an "elitist".

President Obama says "No you can't" :)

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