The stupid: It burns!

When eating Chinese today I overheard a woman say "they found human footprints with dinosaurs" pointing to that as evidence of creationism. I did some digging and found it to be -as I suspected - a hoax. The man who found it was a man with faulty credentials and has been behind every creationist hoax in the last 30 years. When asked if the piece can be examined and held to scientific scrutiny the creationists withhold the peice and at the same time claim scientists don't want to examine their "evidence". On this link http://bit.ly/3lmMSg Ed Darrell says it best: "When the facts show a scientist to be in error, the scientist admits error and issues a correction. When the facts show a creationist to be in error, the creationist yells louder and does his best to get to the mail box and send more copies of the error out, before the truth can be known. That's a significant difference in
behavior, and ethics." (I can't say much more since an MMS only allows 1000 characters)

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