Just plain wrong

Just when I was fuming about the CEO's of the Big 3 auto makers sailing into Washington, D.C. in their 3 separate $8,000 per hour, $50,000,000 private jets hands out begging us for money, there was an apparent back room deal going on. "Oh Hey lets just give citibank $20,000,000,000 without question."

This is wrong on so many levels. Are these banks going to turn that money into loans for us? No.

And lets take a look back at the auto industry again. They are bleeding money into these stupid failed vehicles that they make and are shoving down America's throat. Big inefficient SUV's. They have opposed MPG standards, opposed emissions standards.
On top of that, they mismanaged their companies into the ground whereby workers' pensions are threatened. Hard-working blue collar people. Why is no one looking into this mismanagement? If people's pensions are threatened that means -through mismanagement, money set aside for pensions HAS BEEN STOLEN! And these idiots need to pay for it out of their own fat, bonus-filled pockets. Its easy for me to see whats going on here. Its thievery. We taxpayers and hard working labourers are being ROBBED BLIND.

Its wrong. I have already been pissed off about GM, Ford and Chrysler begging for money but The recent news about this sweet Sunday back room deal with citibank really pisses me off.

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