If you aren't Christian, F- You

Like a big middle finger, to the victims and victims families of the 9-11 attacks who weren't Christian, someone (it is unknown at this time) decided it was a good idea to erect a cross using WTC steel at the Shanksville crash site. On the one hand, I see no harm in letting people grieve in the way that they need to. If it gives them solace, so be it. But on the other hand I see this as a huge slap in the face to anyone who died that day who wasn't Christian. It almost seems -after reading the article- that they are circumventing the legitimate memorial construction. Since the AP is the only outlet reporting this, and they are being total dickheads regarding copy / paste of articles even though you include the source in a link back. I will not copy /paste the article here. This is ongoing and I'll follow it closely.

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