Wal Mart cleaning music lyrics

Wal Mart had a policy whereby they would take an artists work, and demand a "clean" version of the music. Cause hearing the occasional "fuck" or "shit" or "bitch" was too harsh for their prudish ears. They wanted to make Wal Mart a more family friendly place. They blocked out COSMO magazines talking about "how to drive him wild in bed" and an occasional boob poking through a dress on the cover of Redbook.

So what sort of books do you think they would allow / disallow to be sold in Wal Mart? Yes they do sell Christian books. They also sell Dr. Phil Books. They sell Self help books, and the "Purpose Driven Life".

They also think its perfectly OK to sell this:

WalMart goes out of its way to edit out music lyrics but sells this shit

I don't have a problem with trashy romance novels but what was the point of them editing out an Eminem Album. When a book like the above describes in great detail sex acts that would make the prudes blush.

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