Poor Guy

CarpenterBee (34)

Or I don't know if this was a male or female. Any help is appreciated. More on flickr.

I ran into this bee on my truck and it was moving very slowly (probably cause it was cold and got caught out thinking it was going to warm up. Notice in the other flickr photos I use my leatherman to pick it up (because again, I didn't know if it was male or female and did not want to get stung). So I got it and took photos, and then placed it back on the ground to maybe warm up in the sun. (maybe it will survive tonight's freezing temperatures and live on into the summer. I believe it was fooled by Sunday's warm temps, then got a shock after the storms blew through.

So I guess it makes up for my Velvet Ant Murder, that I let this one live.

Hey I also captured a house centipede and released it outside without killing it. So I guess 1 for 3 is a good start eh?


ExquisiteTruth said...

males ever leave the hive, so it's probably a lady.

ExquisiteTruth said...
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