Jury Duty

I was pondering why courts are so sensitive on who they allow as jurors. For example I have heard rumors that if you say you are for or against the death penalty, abortion, religion etc. then you will be kicked out of a jury. Is there any proof to this? Has anyone else had first hand experience with this sort of bias? In my opinion, a person should be disqualified if they lack the critical thinking skills that would help them as jurors. Am I discriminating against stupid people?

Anyway, the gate swings both ways. You can have a "get out of jury free" card if you claim membership to the ffrf and, if the claims are true, people will benefit from this because they don't want to serve on a jury. But isn't that discriminating against people because of their beliefs?

Shouldn't we place anti-death penalty jurors in with pro-death penalty jurors? Isn't that a strong case against the death penalty anyway?


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