The Straight talk express lost a wheel

John McCain's bus on Church on TwitPic

I did up a really great blog post and for some reason (error 400) Windows Live Writer is taking a crap on it so until it starts working again You will have to deal with this :)

Ahh what to say, I am so glad the people in this country have spoken. We have sent a clear message to the elitists like John McCain with their multiple mansions, planes, cars, and rich wives.

rt: #nashdebate on TwitPic

We didnt do it here in Tennessee enough to make a difference, but Ohio, Penna, FL, Colorado, INDIANA! I love that big middle finger the people of Indiana gave last night.

And the speech was truly phenomenal. I had to wipe a few tears from my eyes at times.

We did it. And now we are going to need two terms maybe more to fix the tragedy that Bush has created. I was reading the reactions and statements of world leaders. I was overjoyed by reading front pages of newspapers around the world.

I feel great today. Its a bright sunny autumn day. Now I noted, that 19.1.09 is Martin Luther King day. And on 20.1.09 is the day that President Obama is sworn in. And our long national nightmare will be OVER

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