My Twitter follow back policy

I started on twitter back in April 2007 - and it has since grown into the beast that it is today - not that that's a bad thing, but one has to set guidelines these days with follow-backs.

I used to feel, and still do feel as though some respect should be given to someone who follows you on Twitter. I also have a sense that if I am following you and you don't follow back, it exudes an air of arrogance - an I will explain this when I explain my follow back policy:

If you follow me I will follow you back if:

  1. You are a real person and not an artificial life form.
  2. You are not trying to sell anything. 
  3. Your account passes my bull shit detection. Examples:
    1. You have 0-2 tweets in total but yet you follow 200+ people including me. How on earth did you decide to follow me? 
    2. You have nonsense tweets to start, and have an avatar of a "hot chick". I have seen far too many scams from so-called "software" devs trying to "feed their family" writing bullshit crap ware like tweet-tornado.
    3. Your profile is about something I just tweeted about. I once tweeted about the bible being bullshit and this person started @ mentioning me. I looked down the persons tweets and it was obviously a bot and the person once in a while came to respond to @ mentions to them. Their lame bot message? It was a variation of the current one : "I'm trying to get people to follow @the140bible for some biblical tweets, are you interested?" Instead she said something like "Have you heard of the @the140bible? check it out" Just because I mentioned the bible in one of my tweets.
    4. I click on your link and it takes me to bullshit. The photo I used for this blog post is a screenshot of a person that just has followed me this morning. Their web link takes me to this SEO bullshit. (figure 2)
  4. You have something interesting to say (offer). This one has a huge grey area. I am not interested in tweets that have nothing but links, thats an obvious feed for a blog. If I see you personally interact as well, this is a huge plus. I admittedly place a feed to this blog in twitterfeed, and I sometimes go a while without posting. anything but @GetGlue updates. But if you scroll down long enough you'll see some interaction with other people or you will see what I believe Twitter was meant for in the first place, and thats short, messages - micro blogging - thats highly interactive. 
(Figure 2. Russian SEO Bullshit)
So, there you have it. I get 3 -5 followers per day and I can't always give each immediate attention, but if you are real, and have something meaningful to say, you will be followed back.


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