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Update for Case #xxxxxx - "HTC Incredible"

Each of our cases has a unique team working on it and has an individual timeline based on many factors including complexity of design, access to the device, demand, production, shipping, etc. We are still working on cases for the Droid Incredible and did not stop work on them for the iPhone 4 cases. However, we were able to push the iPhone 4 cases through quickly because the demand for them was 5 times greater than for any other case. It's not that we as a company place more emphasis on Apple products over HTC. It's simply that we place emphasis on delivering what the majority of our customers are asking for and at this point in time the majority were asking for iPhone 4. Again, we are still working diligently on cases for the HTC Droid Incredible as well as other HTC devices and we hope to have them available soon. I understand your frustrations and appreciate your patience as we work to have the cases available as soon as we can.
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