Been Looking through old posts

Funny When I started this whole blogging thing nearly 5 years ago I started every post with a

Air Temperature
Relative Humidity
Wind Velocity
Wind Direction

And then I would go on to write whatever. Maybe I will channel my inner geek and start it up again.

So here it is, June and its hot as hell.

20.06.2009 04:36 UTC

Air Temperature 28.5ºC
Relative Humidity 67%
Wind Velocity 2.2 m/s
Wind Direction 222º

Tired and going to bed. How things change. Yeah I am out of shape but I am also a night owl. That data is is from South Nashville, where its slightly hotter than here at home.

Going to fall asleep to some Aphex Twin again. I don't remember a single dream at all but if I could Lucid Dream and listen to the Selective Ambient Works, Vol, 2 (of which I highly recommend) I bet the dreams would be awesome.

See ya on the other side.

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