Been raining quite a lot lately, I managed to get the lawn mowed after work yesterday in time before it started raining.

My neighbor across the street and diagonal - he has a sign that he faithfully puts in his lawn that says something along the lines of "Only through faith are ye saved NOT OF WORKS" and some bible verse underneath. He places this sign within 2 feet of the street - so as to let people driving by see it like its a road sign. No matter what happens to it, if it gets blown down by a storm for example, he will diligently raise it back up. When he mows his lawn, he makes sure the sign is in order.

I don't have a problem with someone having a Jesus in their front lawn - tacky and ugly it would be -esp. on my street- but that and a simple cross or whatever I wouldn't have a problem, cause its their private property.

When you get ridiculous GIANT CROSSES that flank the interstate and shock billboards and signs like that that are meant to communicate a message I think these are in poor taste.

Yes I had an Obama sign in my front lawn but it was within 2 feet of my house. And I took it down the day after the election.

Ah well, I know I am not making much sense here I am just typing this out on my break -back to work.

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