In which I go off on a rant (what else is new)


Wing nuts: To these people using stem cells that would ordinarily be thrown away (that are not living humans) is "killing the innocent". To them, aborting a blastocyst is murder, but killing a doctor who performed abortions, or killing a man for murdering someone as sanctioned by the death penalty is ok. Explain to me how this makes sense again? These people live on a different planet. They put up tasteless billboards similar to the one posted above.

To them its a black and white issue, They feel its ok to dictate, as men, to a woman about her body when they do not have that right. I disagree with abortion, I find it very sad indeed, but I have no place telling a woman what she can do with her body - unless I am the father. You do have the radical fringe feminists who use abortion as a form of birth control, which is of course wrong. But the issue we are dealing with here is you cannot paint all "pro choice" people with the same poop brush. They like to preach abstinence and sit on a moral high ground instead of teach something that actually works, PREVENTION.

When Bristol Palin was exposed as being pregnant the right wing nuts commended her for making the right "choice" when Sarah Palin wanted to make that choice for the rest of American women by banning abortion.

Roe Vs. Wade set the standard in 1973. We now have accountability, safe medical facilities to do these operations, and also COUNSELING (no one ever mentions that) none of which were present pre R.V.W. If someone tries to tell you a horror story about a botched abortion, firstly ask them if the person was born pre 1973 or after. Yes it is not a pretty subject nor is it happy. But it shouldn't be the political third rail that will either electrocute or propel a candidate. This is the year 2009, I would have thought that we would have advanced by now.

These people need to make a visit to St. Jude Hospital in Memphis and look one of those poor children in the eye -who within weeks will die of a disease. When treatment and the ever-advancing wave of medical science that benefits from stem cell research could very well PROLONG HER LIFE.

These people are the height of hypocrisy.

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